Beware the tax rebate scam!

Tax scam

Another day, another scam - this time, one regarding a tax rebate which appears as a text message on your phone.

The message claims to come from HM Revenue and Customs, but obviously, it isn't. And the thing is, the website it takes you to is a very, very good copy of the official HMRC site.

Stay vigilant!

Like most scams, it aims to steal your personal information, like credit card details and the like. Should you ever find yourself on a site being asked for such details, and you smell a rat, never enter your details.

An HMRC spokesman said: “We will never ask people to disclose personal information by responding to an email or text message."

“Last year HMRC closed more than 14,000 fake websites and we continue our efforts to work with law enforcement agencies around the world to bring down the criminals behind these scams."

Mercifully, a lot of browsers will warn you if you land on a scam website, but you need to keep your wits about you, in case one slips through the net.

Should you find yourself faced with a dodgy website, and would like to report it to the authorities, then have a look at this information from the government, and the ways you can help to stop these scamsters.

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