Beer to go up by 15p a pint!

beerBeer. You like it don't you. It makes you better looking. It makes you a superior dancer. It enables you to ooze charm. It absolutely, unequivocally makes you a tremendous lover. Why, if it wasn't for the headache the morning after, it'd be perfect.

However, beer looks like it will be going up in price, AGAIN! And it could be as much as 15p a pint!

The people at Enterprise Inns and Punch Taverns have announced that they'll be increasing the prices they charge tenants. To you, that means price rises in upward of 11,000 pubs. That's a fifth of all the pubs in Britain.

Enterprise Inns blamed higher bills from Coors and Carlsberg as it raised prices up by an average of 5 per cent, which they'll have to pass on. Meanwhile, a Punch Taverns memo seen by The Sun shows its prices will climb by up to 12 per cent from February 20.

This is a lovely price rise that comes before another inevitable price rise come the Budget. This could mean that a pint of Carlsberg could cost you nearly £4 in some instances and, to be frank, you may as well drink your own urine for free in that case.


  • Mike H.
    How dare they! I'll have to cut back on my SKY, Broadband, iPhone, NETFLIX, Audible, BMW, repayments now! How am I going to feed the kids? They are already down to 5 games a month each, I have to cut thei iPhone usage and I can only take them on 3 holidays this year. I don't even think I'll be able to buy their monthly trainers and clothes, and I will have to walk to the shop rather than fire up my Audi. Times is hard.
  • Boris
    Mike, don't make light of this story. It's beer and beer is important. Obviously I don't go down to the pub much. I may be rich but the prices are just silly so I'll stay at home and drink some beer or wine for one quarter of the price just like more and more people are doing. Enterprise will shut down another few thousand pubs as the landlords can't make any money. Then Enterprise will lose more money as they have less pubs so they will hike the prices again until they have nothing left and the pub landscape will look like the highstreet. I like pubs but they are as good as dead unless the people in the government (like me) start to sort out this tennant crap (not that Tennant's crap). There's a fat chance of that happening though as we got lovely private clubs to go to at your expense! Toot!
  • M F.
    Fortunately women are going down 15% too :)
  • Richard
    Speculative and fact free.

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