Apple pay out £235m to settle tax probe

apple Apple have paid £235m to Italian authorities, to settle a dispute with them over allegations of sidestepping tax. The tech behemoth was being probed after allegedly failing to declare over a billion euros (£700m), according to a report by Italy's La Repubblica newspaper.

A spokesperson for the tax office said that the report was accurate, but didn't give any more details on the case. Either way, this all came after negotiations which have been going on for months, and Italian authorities asked for the full amount relating to tax years from 2008-13.

Apple Italia is part of the tech giant's European wing, which is based in Ireland and has one of the lowest levels of corporation tax in the EU. Of course, these arrangements (or similar) are being enjoyed by a number of huge companies, and is part of a big controversy about the taxes paid by multi-nationals.

Google and Starbucks have been under a lot of fire for their arrangements, which are legal, but to many, are irritating.

Apple's gaffer Tim Cook is not impressed with all these accusations. Recently, he referred to the furore as "political crap" and was adamant that "we pay every tax dollar we owe."

This won't be the last of these court cases we see, that's for sure.

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