What's the most expensive drink in Starbucks then?

18 February 2012

imgp35541 Ever wondered what the most expensive beverage in Starbucks is? No, neither have we. But whirly-minded American Logan A. Warren isn’t like us and he recently figured out what was the most he could spend on a single drink in the caffeine-pimping chain, in the end spending $23.60 (about £15).

It contained the following…

* a trente (31 ounce) Java Chip Frappuccino
* 16 shots of espresso
* a shot of soy milk
* caramel flavoring
* banana puree
* strawberry puree
* vanilla beans
* Machta powder
* protein powder
* caramel and mocha drizzle

Geek System reports that it contained around 1400 mg or almost a gram and a half of caffeine, the equivalent of drinking 14 16oz cups of McDonalds coffees at once or shotgunning 28 Mountain Dews or chugging 7 Five Hour Energies (whatever the frick one of those is). In short, loopy juice.

But it was delicious, right? Actually, no. Warren said it tasted: “Tolerable, but not good. Imagine a coffee-based health food smoothie that will put you in the hospital if you drink it all. That’s how it tastes…like Jillian Michaels with a touch of Chuck Norris.” Whoever the frick they are.

Geek System applauded Logan A. Warren for his “contribution to absurd science”. However, we here at Bitterwallet think he’s a showy dick.

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  • Joff
    You're just jealous that you didn't think of it first, I know I am. I'm off to the £1-or-less shop to perform an equally exciting price challenge.
  • Richard
    But this is endless, you could just keep adding things forever if you wanted. And besides, don't you get free extras with a Starbucks card...
  • Bloke
    All of that sweet crap added and still nothing can mask the awful, awful taste of Starbucks coffee.
  • christian
    @ richard - You can't keep adding things forever because you will be limited by the largest size of cup available
  • Nagol
    The most expensive thing you can legitimately order must consist of the largest available cup filled entirely with the one thing that has the highest price per volume. I suppose you could have a cup filled with one of the powders and then add something liquid to that.. Or you could ask the person serving you to piss in a cup and offer them £1000 to drink it.
  • Whitefiver
    @Bloke - Couldn't agree more. How do they manage to make it so awful?
  • Capability B.
    "Trente" is italian for 30. So how can a "trente" contain 31 fl oz? That's trente uno
  • captain c.
    1400mg?? Interesting; very close to the lethal dosage for caffeine. Add a bar of high cocoa content chocolate and you have a very cheap way to murder someone.
  • Mike H.
    What a fucking bell-end. I hope your brain ceased to function after that amount of caffeine.
  • Dick
    > “Trente” is italian for 30. So how can a “trente” contain 31 fl oz? That’s trente uno It's Starbucks. It has fuck all to do with Italy and Italian coffee.

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