We've all been doing ketchup wrong

19 November 2013

In McDonald's, they dole out tomato sauce differently. No longer do you get a sealed tub, but rather, you serve yourself from a dispenser into a little paper cup.

So far, so obvious. However, it turns out we've all been doing it wrong. If you're just sticking sauce into a cup, then you're missing out on a world of slightly more ketchup.

Turns out that they're built to be fanned out, allowing you a greater dunking surface area. Watch.

Now you can dunk your burger as well as your fries! This is magnificent news for all concerned. Of course, there will be people who already knew this and kept it to themselves like dreadful arses, but now the information is out there for all of us!

This is a human progression up their with penicillin and the combustion engine.

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  • General s.
    Gads man! What sorcery is this?!
  • Shaqdhup D.
    Like a boss!
  • Her L.
    You bunch of inconsiderate ketchup jockeys! I spent all Summer working at a factory producing these paper cups. My job? Spending the best part of 2-10 shift folding paper discs into paper cups, only for asstards like Food Beast to undo all of my efforts.
  • Big M.
    Now all the single Dads know what to do when they take their kids to McDonald's every second weekend for a 'treat'.
  • Noghar
    This is such bollocks. The cups weren't 'designed' to be unfolded, it's just that folding a disk of paper and using no glue is a cheap way to make cups. It's perfectly possible to dip chips in it if you do it one or two at a time instead of 12 at a time like that twat in the advert. And who the feck ever dipped a burger either in a cup or a puddle of ketchup? Neither way is half as effective as TIPPING THE CUP ONTO THE FECKING BURGER. Honestly instead of making pointless instruction videos these people should get a life. As should everyone who has posted an indignant comment here. No, wait a minute...
  • Superfreak
    I've done this for years with BBQ sauce and nuggets.

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