Wetherspoons to put their prices up

beer-300x225 You may recall Wetherspoons saying that they're getting rid of their Sunday roasts. Well, looks like they have put their prices up too.

According to the Mirror, 'Spoons have put the price up on items on their Breakfast Club menu by between five and ten per cent. That means your full English fried breakfast is now going to more than £3. It was £2.99, but it'll now be £3.25.

A large filter coffee or a cup of tea will now be over a quid, costing £1.10, while a bowl of porridge will cost you £2.39, but why you'd order a bowl of porridge in a pub, is anyone's guess.

Seriously. You can make that at home and it'll cost you next to nothing.

Anyway, if you're worried about your ale intake, JD Wetherspoon have said that their top-selling beer brands like Ruddles and John Smith's are going to cost you the same amount of money, so at least you can drink through the depression of losing your 'Spoons Sunday roast, and having to pay for your fry-up with more than three pound coins.

Obviously, the prices are still cheaper than a lot of other place and, naturally, some people refuse to step foot in a Wetherspoons, but this is more bad PR for one of the biggest pub chains in the world.


  • Warwick H.
    They along with Yate's whacked the price of a bottle of wine up 20% not long ago, no wonder folk now drink at home.
  • OlPeculier
    It's the disparity between branches that annoys me. Abbot is £1.99 in Liverpool, but £2.60 on the Yorkshire coast.
  • Warwick H.
    Very true, in Sunderland there are two Wetherspoons appox 250 yds apart, there is a £1.50 price difference in a bottle of wine.
  • fox f.
    I love spoons but i'm loving them less since the option of a roast on sunday went out the window. & FFS how much for a 40g quick serve porrage? get a grip spoons

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