We're in the middle of a food adulteration crisis!

18 March 2014

RonaldonHorse The UK has always been good when naming a food crisis. We had 'Mad Cow Disease', 'Salmonella' and 'The Horse Meat Scandal'. Our newest one needs work - 'The Food Adulteration Crisis!' As ever, we ask you, the reader, to do the heavy lifting and come up with a catchy name for this scandal, which we'll use in all future coverage.

So what is the Food Adulteration Crisis? Well, according to the president of the Trading Standards Institute, an investigation in Yorkshire showed that a third of goods tested were not what they were claimed to be on their label.

Baroness Crawley said that tests showed a third of food samples showed had been adulterated with other substances.

Speaking in the House of Lords, Crawley said: "Reporting of food fraud has increased by 66% since 2009, while the number of samples taken by local authorities has decreased by 26%. Call me old fashioned but I like my ham to actually be ham not poultry died pink or meat emulsion, whatever that is. I want fruit juice to be just that and not laced with vegetable oil that is used in flame retardants."

"What is the Government doing about the depletion of trading standards departments across the country whose job it is to track down organised criminal gangs in the food sector?"

So what are they doing? Well, Lord de Mauley who is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister, said that the government take the threat of food fraud "very seriously", adding: "Following the horsemeat fraud last year, we have been working with industry and local authorities to improve our intelligence sharing to target sampling and enforcement better."

"The sample carried out by the West Yorkshire Trading Standards demonstrates the action being taken by local authorities across the United Kingdom to tackle known problem areas."

So there we have it - cheapo food tends to be filled with all manner of crap, which everyone knew anyway. However, if this is going to take off, it really does need a catchy name. Readers, it is over to you.

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  • james
    The "Not Beef Injection" Crisis "The Green Eggs - a Sham" Crisis
  • Terry S.
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  • God
    I offer you Alpro Almond Milk, the blurb in large letters on the side says "contains almost nothing but almonds"; the ingredients box says "almonds 2%.

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