Warburtons is Britain’s favourite brand

SPREAD the word and drink a TOAST to Warburtons, which has beaten such international food giants as Heinz and Coca Cola to become the most popular brand in the UK. Yes, despite making a Toastie loaf that doesn’t even fit in the freaking toaster, the good old northern bakers lead the way, having sold a CRUMBELIEVEABLE (sorry) 521 million loaves last year.


Brand analysts Kantar Worldpanel have calculated that out of the 10 most popular brands of 2012, 6 of our favourites are British, including Kingsmill, Hovis and McVities. In fact, look closer at the list below, and you will also deduce that we live entirely on bread, crisps and biscuits.

Just out of the Top 20 was Mr Kipling, brandishing a French Fancy and vowing to kick Warburton’s doughy arse next time. So it seems that when it comes to our weekly shop, we’re more proudly British and set in our ways than a UKIP candidate doing a dodgy salute. Just don’t mention the fact that Cadbury’s is owned by Kraft and Walkers is owned by Pepsico…

Top 20 everyday products bought last year (in millions)

Warburtons 521

Heinz 393.4

Walkers 386

Hovis 320.7

McVitie’s 294.5

Kingsmill 263.5

Birds Eye 237

Muller 202.7

Coca-Cola 155

Cadbury Dairy Milk 144

McCain 139.5

Fox’s 126

Pepsi 123

Flora 122.5

Silver Spoon 122.45

Aunt Bessie’s 117

Princes 116.4

Robinsons 113

Batchelors 111

Kit Kat 108.5

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  • Her L.
    I'm still waiting to see Lucy's baps but would settle for Andy's buns as a close second.

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