Want Nando's delivered? You can!

nandos Before we get going, let us make one thing clear - if you say "cheeky Nandos", ironically or otherwise, then you should be lowered into an active volcano, never to darken a doorstep or social media timeline, ever again.

Now, for the rest of you who like to eat Nando's (we're more likely to be found in a local friend chicken shop, as they're more generous with all that gloriously disgusting grease), you're in for a treat.

You don't have to leave the house to get your chicken as Deliveroo has said that they're going to start delivering Nando's to your door.

Deliveroo do this for a number of restaurants that don't usually deliver, but with the devotion that some people show to Nando's, this is suddenly newsworthy.

So, hangover fiends, you can get your fried chicken fix while sat on the sofa and, when you've finished your food, you can gentle grab your pal Connor by the throat, and kick ten shades of bants out of him and thrash him with his Toms.

Check the Deliveroo site, here

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  • Dan B.
    Nando's chicken isn't fried.

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