Waitrose warn of 'massive' food price rises

4 January 2013

Some food

Mark Price, who is the big cheese at Waitrose, is warning us all that eating is about to become a lot more expensive, with massive food price inflation coming our way thanks to the heavy rainfall last year, resulting in farmers not planting crops for 2013.

Don't we get all our fruit and veg from abroad anyway?

Price said: "We’re seeing input food inflation of around 3 to 3.5pc, but we expect it go up to as much as five. In some commodities, the increases will be massive."

"It’s bread, vegetables, all produce. The apple crop was down 20 to 30 per cent so apple prices have to go up. You have only seen the tip of the iceberg," added Mr Price, who shamefully didn't make an lettuce pun on the latter.

Price isn't bothered though because Waitrose have seen a hike in profits over Christmas, and further prise rises will only serve Waitrose better as this trundles on. Talking about the festive period, Price said: "Our sales for the festive period as a whole have been record-breaking but the 12 trading days leading up to New Year’s Eve were exceptional as customers got ready for family entertaining and parties."

2013 looks like trains, cars, energy bills and food will be all out of financial reach for anyone who doesn't own acres of land. Terrific. Cannibalism it is.

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  • Sicknote
    I'm always happy to pay more for my nosh at Waitrose; just as long as they keep the sub Saharan's and poor people out of their shops while I'm shopping.
  • Simon
    Mark price looks like he has also eaten a big cheese. I guess the price increases will hit him more than most
  • Sue S.
    Maybe if food is more expensive people will stop buying too much and throwing so much of it away. Sell by dates are an absolute disaster as far as waste is concerned. I spoke to a woman on the checkout in Sainsbury's once about the writing on deli counter bags saying that cheese should be eaten within 3 days of purchase, which is absolute rubbish. She said "my daughter throws everything away the day before the date runs out, just in case". I was so appalled I really couldn't think of an answer. Maybe if prices go up common sense will return and people will start using their eyes and noses to work out if something is ok to eat rather than the date on the packaging; and if it's not going to be eaten before it really goes off, FREEZE IT!

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