Waitrose the best supermarket? Really?

28 January 2010

On the testing matter of which is the best supermarket in the land, the good people have made their voice heard and the word is… Waitrose!

When we say ‘the people’ we really mean more than 13,000 members of Which? who have a spare tenner a month to spend on a subscription to the consumer advice service. So probably not a typical cross-section of society then.

But the Which? readers aren’t scared to slum it, and Aldi and Lidl both came out ahead of the big four of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Here at Bitterwallet, we know that some of you like M&S but that some of you also like Netto. But which is best? There’s only one way to settle it – POLL!

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  • Daveox
    Waitrose might be the best, but there aren't any around here (NW England) so a vote for Asda from me and would put Lidl runner-up (is it really prounced Leeedel?)
  • Pizza_D_Action
    I despise Tesco but they are cheap and near to my house and sell all the crap I need and lots I don't.... so I use them all the time.
  • Stuart R.
    I think you'll find M&S is a Food Hall not a Supermarket. A store that has a selection of food but not a fully fledged selection - thus nullifying this comparison.
  • LanceVance
    No "One Stop" = Massive Failz.
  • Ben T.
    Sorry but the answer is Booths. Its the only place we always visit when in the lake district and if the argument is best not cheapest where else has a Neal's Yard Dairy cheese counter.
  • Humphrey B.
    Waitrose = paying way over the odds for the same stuff. What's wrong with these Which'ers ?
  • Gunn
    Waitrose is what I'd imagine M&S would be like as a supermarket, good stuff but overpriced. My vote is with Sainsbury's, it's priced higher than Asda/Tesco so the clientèle are less offensive.
  • stuart
    i couldnt believe it when they won it on watchdog (is it the same poll?) i live in the NE & no waitrose around here either! i have been in 1 once & as above believe them to be a supermarket that M&S want to be, IE posser! LOL i work for morrisons & do like to shop there as its a far better place to shop (more pleasent staff, cleaner, shelves actually filled during the day!) however my vote goes to asda. we do most of our shopping there & find it cheaper with better deals, just make sure you go early as you'll find essentials are off sale after lunch & NEVER get filled! we'd get cained if we left shelves empty!
  • negbobsquarepants
    If M&S is on here you might as well add our local farm shop at Chatsworth, they sell similar products equally high priced. Las time I shopped in Tesco there was a faint (Ok not that faint) smell of urine and chavs paying with butterfly knives. I drive straight past it and go a couple of extra miles to Sainsburys.
  • negbobsquarepants
    Just voted and look at the results on here... shandy drinkers have been on.
  • Chris
    M&S gets my vote :)
  • Zleet
    Not a big fan of Waitrose as it is a bit overpriced. I do like M&S but they are also quite pricey, personally I like Morrisons and Aldi (for the own brand continental and fresh veg).
  • Fella-Tio
    Harrods or ASDA
  • Jack
    If the likes of Spar, M+S and Netto are on here, then wheres Iceland? What a shit poll, will just have to choose from one on the list. Surely it counts, I know it mainly deals with frozen food but you can get everything else there too - milk, bread, juice...........bla dee blaa
  • Jack
    WTF why is Waitrose winning
  • Ali
    I find the fact that I can buy everything I may ever need at Tescos a great comfort in my existence.
  • kev
    this vote is a bit pointless imo, as the economic climate creates a bias towards certain supermarkets
  • cookie
    Spar gets a chance, but no Londis, Best One, McColls, or Nisa? A travesty lol...
  • Jehova
    @ Kev then why is Waitrose winning?
  • nobby
    Why are people voting ASDA so high? The staff are rude, their own brand food (even the extra special stuff) tastes like cardboard, and they are constantly moving things around the shelves so you never know where anything is! Used to have to shop there as it was the only store around, now I go to sainsburys.
  • Jehova
    @ nobby: I work at ASDA, and in my place of work we are only rude to fat customers.
  • Jack
    @Cookie - Exactley! If they are including any old supermarket type of shop, throw in the whole hog, otherwise its just a lazy, incomplete poll giving false information.
  • Jane
    Personally I think this poll would be better if it was based on the single transferable vote or other proportional representation method. For me no1 is Waitrose yep it's expensive but often their quality makes up for it. It also has a better quality of old dear to tickle the baby under the chin. No 2 is Morrisons which I love even if my husband calls it "the Northern pie shop" as it's cheap with quality. No 3 is Sainsbury's but our local shop is too small and cramped. No real opinion on ASDA as we don't have a local one and I loathe Tescos so -10 for them
  • ButterMan
    Co-op are the ones ones who'll bury you after your heart gives in to all the salt and saturated fats they sell - hence they are the best.
  • ButterMan
    On the other hand, Waitrose send a van to my house with food every week, just like the council do for my nan.
  • MattWPBS
    Waitrose - food shops of the John Lewis Partnership. The staff actually seem to care about what they do, possibly because they get the profit share. That, and the quality is damn good.
  • Mr G.
    Did someone say there are NO Waitroses in the NW? There's one at Formby. Also there's Ocado. And, of course, we've got Booths anyway, who are even better.
  • ASdatesCO
    http://www.ascostores.co.uk/ Asco best supermarkets in the world. (this is a lie, all supermarkets are shit and should be avoided like the plague. Yes even waitrose and m&s you wannabe snobs everyone knows that people who truly appreciate food buy it from a deli and small indie food shops).
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