Waitrose launch major Tesco price-matching campaign

27 September 2010

waitrose_shopping-bag_20-jpg If you’re a Waitrose shopper, your grocery bill might be about to shrink a bit. If you’re not a Waitrose shopper and have always thought their wares were a bit too expensive for your tastes, you could be about to change your mind.

That’s because this supposedly most upmarket of supermarkets is about to sully itself by getting involved in price-matching, more specifically with Tesco and on 1,000 branded products.

The price-matching begins today and includes staples like Heinz Baked Beans and Persil. The items in the range will be checked against Tesco’s prices twice a week. Retail experts believe that the move will initially eat into Waitrose’s profits (£268 million last year) but that they believe it will be worth it in the long term if it gets more customers through the door, buying other non-price match items.

Following this news, will you be putting on your Sunday best and flouncing into your nearest Waitrose for a nose around? Or are you a Waitrose shopper who is now terrified by the prospect of a bunch of oiks infiltrating your patch?

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  • PaulH
    Raw Raw Raw we're going to smash the oiks!
  • PokeHerPete
    My daddy has a Porsche!
  • Alexis
    I don't think there are any Waitroses north of Birmingham?!
  • Internet T.
    We've got a brand new one in Poynton (near Stockport) that opened last week - no more north/south divide round here
  • Idi A.
    Will dey be stocking de pottynoodles?
  • Yue
    Begun, the Supermarket Wars have.
  • bobcsg
    There are two Waitrose in Edinburgh. They've fit staff.
  • Edinburgh S.
    There would be two fucking Waitrose in Edinburgh!
  • zeddy
    I say Alexis, you bloody bounder, you! We've got a supa little one here in Glasgow's West End. How long before they price match Asda?
  • PaulH
    Lytham St Annes has several - I shop there every day...raw raw up yours
  • jsoap
    Waitrose have been price matching some items already - I posted posted this here in Feb (Tescos sell) “gaea pitted kalemata olive”, which have since November last year have climed from £2.29 to £4.57, just in time for a buy one get one free promotion. Bizarrely Waitrose price match these, and have mirrored the increases, without the buy one get one free offer of course. " Price is now £2.19 in both Tescos and Waitrose.
  • singhster
    Ooh, I wonder what the OFT will have to say about this, surely this is price-fixing? Maybe an investigation to discover everything's fine, that'll do.
  • Noghar
    Jsoap is right. This is just marketing bollocks relaunching something they already (pretend to) do. Whenever I see 'Tesco Price Match' in Waitrose it means they've just put the price up. Best example is Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Whenever Waitrose sell it at the RRP of £9 a bottle they always label it 'Tesco price match'. It's to fool the knobs who shop there that they are not being fleeced. However since I shop there it clearly works on me. (But then it's either Waitrose or the fluorescent-lit hell of screaming brats, crappy produce and glacial queues that is our local Tesco.)
  • ACID
  • Big A.
    Went into one of the Edinburgh stores and had to use the trolley to keep myself upright when I saw the prices. I thought I'd walked into some alternate reality where the prices were from the future. Needless to say I left empty trollied.
  • Milky
    Waitrose & it's staff are simply terrific normal folk to deal with, even the youngsters (week-end staff) waitrose get it right, if you wish to suffer the plebian types serving you at the likes of Tesco's then more fool you. in waitrose it's polite, not crammed with tossers, polite, good qualitity scran, polite, &,..did I mention polite!? Waitrose also donate monthly to 3 different local charities in your area, you receive a token & drop it in the box that interests you, liberal, non aggressive marketing, decent staff from the ground up! More supermarkets should take on board their way of conducting business.. That said there'd be lots of unemp[loyable mongs on the street, so probably best they serve & shop in tesco's ..at least you know where they are.
  • Waitrose M.
    Well done Milky. Shall be discussing your promotion at your next review partner.
  • The B.
    I'm a bit bored with saying that Waitrose is a nice place to shop now, but it is. Saying that, Sainsburys is good, ASDA's not all that bad, the worst by far is Tesco.
  • zeddy
    I like the way Aldi and Lidl leave you alone to shop, even at the checkouts.
  • delrio
    around nottingham used to be the north south divide, no waitrose north of it, no morrisons south of it (was actually between nottingham and peterborough), but i think that's gone now no bloody waitrose where i am tho :( shame cos their stuff is pretty good. definitely better than tesco. but i'm biased to tesco cos growing up their shops were the scummy, dirty, smell of wee places that netto is now known for
  • Points
    What about points ????
  • Nick T.
    @ delrio Sorry pal, you'll have to find somewhere else to wee because your Netto is about to turn into Asda. They all are. Hey Zeddy, Waitrose do a nice line in single-estate organic Buckie. And when the MSPs vote for minimum alcohol pricing I'll be opening a fucking great big off-licence just over the border with a delivery service.
  • zeddy
    @Nick T: Ha! You'll be drinking your profits you southern twat!
  • Nick T.
    I am NOT southern.
  • Zeddy
    If you are south of Hadrian's wall, you ARE southern.
  • Waitrose M.
    Make you a northern twat then
  • Yellowhat10
    I think its a shame that Waitrose is stooping to this level, they shouldnt have to compete with the likes of Tesco, wheres the dignity.
  • Milky
    @Yellowhat10 wheres the dignity in shopping at tesco's?
  • Yellowhat10
    I just believe Waitrose are selling themselves short and shouldnt compare themselves to Tesco
  • CarlyP
    The price match is hugely misleading. What Waitrose fail to say is that they only match full Tesco prices and when Tesco has a promotion then Waitrose continue to charge the full price. Not my idea of a price match! When I asked Customer servies about it all they did was paste in their Terms and conditions. Like normal people ever read those!

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