UK Food Price Soar Results in Canned Food Demand

28 October 2008 global credit crunch has got us Brits tightening our belts - in more ways than one.

UK shoppers have been consuming more canned goods in the past year.

Figures suggest that Brits bought 20% more tinned food because the cost of fresh foods has gone up.

The Sun gives the figures, saying,

"A record 50,000 tonnes of the containers have been sent to recycling plants so far this year compared with 41,000 for the same period last year."

However, the same article adds that a third of the people in the UK are eating less, walking and cycling more.

Who would have thought that financial crisis could be so good for your health?

[The Sun]

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  • Anon.
    Think about this one ok. In increase in recycling does not mean in increase in consumption. It means an increase in recycling. This could be due to a number of factors, including the simple fact that councils are recycling more waste!! The Sun really isn't a great information source, and why not take the data and draw your own conclusions??? There is a reason why only the Sun is reporting this story!!

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