The future of food is just a wipe away

23 June 2011

This can't be real. We refuse to believe that a) the survival of mankind and the challenges of sustaining the explosion in global population lies in a theory extrapolated from The Human Centipede, and b) that reconstituted human feces looks and tastes like kebab.

How do we know the Japanese aren't already testing their theories on the European population? And is that really garlic sauce?

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  • Dick
    This was brought up on the £2.50 chicken thread on HUKD yesterday.
  • Darren
    Oh Come On, All the Jap's have managed to do is remove the colour from the stuff they sell in every kabab shop. How else do you think the Doner Kabab is made.. It's not meat that's for sure! Get with the times!
  • Donna K.
    What's a kabab?
  • Mmmm M.
    Haha did you spot the label on the fridge when he opened it? It reads "Shit Burger" I'm off to see Stavros tonight to get me one of those!
  • justin s.
    This isn't the future of food. It's been known about for 2 decades. the problem is the cost of extraction. Shit item.
  • Jo
    I would never, ever choose that over genuine meat in the supermarket regardless of price. Maybe it would be better suited to dogs etc.
  • charlie
    Looks like Soylent Green but obviously brown lol. Expect this to stuff to be reality when were elderly, as eventually with over population etc you gonna need to recycle everything.
  • Fran
    1:34 "shit burger" IS DIS REAL!?
  • Sgt M.
    Interesting. But I'm not interested in trying. Ever. Although maybe interesting technology for people living in very poor area's/countries or animal feed. When people experience REAL hunger, they will eat anything.

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