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1 August 2011

Bitterwallet - Barry Norman's Pickled Onions

Sunday was the first time in a while I've done a cartoon style double-take - I glanced at Barry Norman's face on a jar of pickled onions, looked away, shook my head in astonishment then turned back to check my eyes weren't playing silly buggers.

While I'm reasonably sure that they're a recent addition to Sainsbury's inventory, the aging film pundit has been putting his name to pickled onions for four years. It's an old family recipe passed down to Norman through the ages, and one that I've since learnt makes for an onion so tart and spicy that it can blow your mouth off your face.

Perhaps they haven't got quite the same celebrity attraction as Paul Newman's range of sauces and dressings, but hats off to Bazza for forcing his unbearably firey fayre on the rest of us. It also begs the question - which other film and television folk should put their names to groceries? Lorraine Kelly's Meat Growler, anyone? Stick your suggestions in the comments.

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  • Idi A.
    On the cocktail shelf: Jedward's Virgin Mary (Louis Walsh can be Mary).
  • Dick
    Linford Christie's jumbo frankfurters. Ozzy Osborne's bats in brine (or in olive oil for posh people). And obviously Katie Price's melons.
  • Boris
    Amy Winehouse's paracetamol? (too soon eh?)
  • The B.
    Nah, they've been in my Sainsburys at least a couple of years, I remember my first double take at them too.
  • Bill W.
    Dale Wintons cheese puffs
  • Dick
    Imagine the political endorsements ... Maggie Thatcher's handbags Gordon Brown's porage oats (to be made with water and nothing else) John Major's underpants Charles Kennedy's blended Scotch whisky William Hauge's beer (14 pint bottles) David Blunkett's dog food Tony Blair's prepacked rocket salad with pinenuts and sundried tomatoes. and George W. Bush monkey nuts.
  • Mark C.
    Wow, that's seriously old news! Delicious onions, those, but sadly my local Tesco gave up selling them after only a few months. :/ As far as sleb endorsements go, personally I'd like to see Martine McCutcheon's face off my damn television every ten minutes! (that also applies to the increasingly bizarre looking Davina)

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