The 2D supermarket that exists on the walls of tube stations

Is THIS the future of grocery shopping? Currently all the rage in modern, trendy China and South Korea (where it’s been pioneered by Tesco), it’s a virtual supermarket, located on the walls of subway stations.


Busy commuters peruse the pictures before zapping what they want using phone-friendly QR bar codes that are printed next to each item. Once they’re done, their shopping list is sent to the supermarket and in some cases, their groceries could be there as early as later that day.

We can’t see it happening in the UK any time soon – for one thing, there’s scarcely any room in most of our underground stations during rush hour, not to mention the almost-complete lack of wi-fi.

Having said that, if Tesco’s South Korean people are behind it and it’s making money, you can be sure that they’re looking to roll it out across the globe.

That was today’s glimpse into the future. Now get back to your Facebook and your plastic crisps.


  • Jeebus
    Tesco (called Homeplus here in Korea) is actually pretty decent over here, having said that I think it's little more than an advertising gimmick. After all the stations are far too crowded during rush hour for you to be able to use it and even on the off-peak hours it would mean missing several trains (not something you'd want to do if your waiting for an express tube train). It'd be far easier just to use wifi while waiting your waiting and then when you get on the train to do your shopping.
  • Cock
    Paul Smith did this story on July 6th. Are you going to dig up all his old stories?
  • Andy D.
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  • Jesus
    A forgiving bunch, this Avid lot!
  • bob
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  • Turnips b.
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