Tesco to ban Ribena and more from stores

27 July 2015

ribena Tesco are going to remove added-sugar drinks from their shelves, which means no Ribena for you. Or Capri-Sun. Or Rubicon. And some other drinks that taste nice.

And why are they doing this? Well, in their bid to 'help prevent childhood obesity', they don't trust you adults to buy what you want from a shop. No, they're going to have to remove things from the shelves so you irresponsible arseholes don't destroy your children's lives.

Of course, you might be really responsible and only give children these things once in a blue moon as a treat or, indeed, you might be an adult that doesn't know any kids and likes drinking Ribena and Rubicon together in the same glass when you've got a hangover.

Tesco don't care. They're your new dad, now. And from 7th September, these products will be no more, just in time for the kids starting a new year of school.

Naturally, you'll be able to go to the newsagents nearby and buy whatever you want without having Tesco dictate their values on you. And indeed, you can imagine they'll still be selling cans of Coca-Cola and the like, so you wonder what on Earth they're thinking.

And will other supermarkets follow suit? You can bet that they absolutely won't and will try and exploit this idiotic decision by Tesco by having some lovely deals and offers on sugary drinks. Shall we assume that Tesco are going to get rid of all things that are bad for families, like cigarettes, wine and cake?

We'll see.

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  • whisky
    Tesco can go to fuck
  • Albi
    Tesco have lost the plot.
  • Noghar
    How long are the manufacturers to get away with marketing and selling this fecking toxic crap that rots the teeth out of kids heads and is causing a plague of diabetes and obesity, under the guise of being healthy and fun? Tesco are being a few years ahead of their time is all. Next against the wall should be Coke and Pepsi and all that overpriced overmarketed piss. Think medieval - drink beer.
  • shiftynifity
    Who's the Daddy now!
  • tin
    What's the betting Tesco rip off it-looks-like-Ribena-but-is-actually-our-own-shite-version-that-looks-really-similar drinks will still be on sale?
  • jim
    shouldnt they ban bags of sugar instead? - cos they contain more sugar than anything....

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