Tesco go toe to toe with Asda in price war

Bitterwallet - TescoTesco and Asda have been spoiling for a fight for ages and it looks like it’s about to kick right off. We don’t know whether it’s over a girl or some kind of dispute about Match Attax cards but it’s probably over a girl.

There are some major grocery price cuts coming from Tesco, on products like fruit and vegetables, bread, meat, medicines and martial arts equipment. Except for martial arts equipment. The figure of £200 million of savings has been bandied about although we can't confirm that as our calculator is playing up.

What’s more, in a shot across the Asda bows, Tesco have said that they’ll pay ‘double the difference’ on any products that are cheaper in the stores of their major rival. Customers are urged to keep their Tesco receipt, enter their details online and wait for 36 hours for an email that will show whether they’re entitled to a ‘double the difference’ payout. It’s great news for penny-pinching consumers but potentially fatal for the already-strained resources of The Internet.

Also at the weekend, it was suggested that Tesco could be set to roll out their ‘click and collect’ service, allowing customers to collect online orders of non-grocery items from any of their stores, including Express and Metro ones. Soon, we will be completely at their mercy – you heard it here first people…


  • Alexis
    Life's too short to bother about whether a tin of beans is 2p more expensive.
  • The B.
    At the end of the day ASDA is a more pleasant shopping experience, in ASDA have the best all round range they're the only local supermarket I have that sell Samphire.
  • PokeHerPete
    @Alexis, tell the members of HDUK that! Members there drive round multiple stores for hours to save £2 on a pack of boxers. Little do they realise that they spent more on petrol and don't put a value on their own time/
  • Rubberbandboy
    ASDA is a more pleasent shopping experiance? Not Likely. You spend half your time avoiding the greebo's that litter the aisles knuckles dragging along the floor. Tesco ain't much better but aleast the stores are bigger so you don't have to attempt to communciate with these leeches of society
  • adr0ck
    how can asda and tesco have a price war? tesco is far far more expensive than asda supermarket prices ranked in prices: 1. Asda - cheapest 2. Morrisons 3. Sainsburys 4. Tesco 5. waitrose (most expensive)
  • dvdj
    Price War? Or Price Fixing? If they're prices match each other then no-one pays out! Win-win for the big boys!
  • dvdj
    @adr0ck - is that just from personal experiance or actual rankings? As personally I'd say Sainsburys is more expensive than Tesco surely? (I don't shop at Tesco as there's no big one near me (amazingly?!) only a Asda and Sainsburys.
  • Mark C.
    Compared to the local Tesco, my nearest branch of Morrison's is cleaner, nicer, cheaper and has far better food. Admittedly it's also full of mentals, but they're generally more pleasant to deal with than the rude and ignorant punters and staff in Tesco.
  • John
    Great news. I hate having to go to grubby Asda to save 25p on my weekly groceries. Talk about chav central.
  • Marky M.
    @ John Try the big Asda at Fosse Park, Leicester. More football-shirted lardarses than even Tenerife.
  • The B.
    I guess it depends on the area then, my local Tesco is full to the brim with the dregs of humanity (and some that are borderline human, possibly a subspecies) and I'll only ever step foot in there to pick up Direct orders. By the way, the above applies to a lot of the staff too. My local ASDA, whilst having some undesirables is actually a million miles better in terms of having to avoid divots from knuckles and pools of dribble from where the customer had to pause, but I only really go in there for the samphire, it's usually Sainsburys or Waitrose.
  • Tom
    It would be nice if Tesco price matched against themselves, there's a massive (okay 10p extra on everything) at my local Tesco, than the one 10 miles away, just because there's no competition in my town. How's that fair? At least ASDA have a fixed pricing for all stores. This could save people in small towns with only a Tesco a small fortune - well £10 a week - but every little helps ;)
  • Ten B.
    [...] Tesco go toe to toe with Asda in price war [...]
  • comparison s.
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