Tesco accused of being snide when it comes to opening new stores

1 September 2010

Bitterwallet - TescoTesco is, as ever, being accused of all manner of dodgy stuff. As Bitterwallet are represented by I Can't Believe It's A Law Firm! (headed up by Lionel Hutz who also, according to his card, offers "expert shoe repair"), we're going weedily deflect all attention to other people who have made these claims.

So, the incredibly wealthy retail franchise has been accused of hurrying a massive building programme ahead of the introduction of controls that would severely limit its expansion.

Yesterday it was alleged that Tesco bought a town centre shopping precinct on the quiet via a front company and then allowed it to become derelict. Why? They ALLEGEDLY used this run-down precinct in Renfrewshire to convince the local council to allow them to open a nice, shiny new shopping complex.

Tesco ALLEGEDLY claimed that there was big support in the community for this new superstore, but the telephone poll used as the basis of the claim stated that only 38 out of the 440 people contacted agreed.

Tesco deny this of course.

Tescopoly - a group that is focused on sticking the fingers up at the company - are speaking out with a spokesman telling the Daily Mail: "Research by Tescopoly and Friends of the Earth has found that supermarkets such as Tesco are very clearly exercising their muscle in the planning system. They have such vast resources that local councils are not really on a equal footing when it comes to negotiations and are often powerless to resist their expansion."

It's probably right that Tesco are a bit aggressive in the market, but are they different from any other ginormo-company? Doubtful. And there's no question that they create a lot of jobs for the communities they're in, not to mention providing that same community with cheap goods. Many get worked up about Tesco while wilfully shopping there.

Are the rampaging nature of Tesco a bad thing or not? Readers - it's over to you. ALLEGEDLY.


  • Whois S.
    Well, their big store in the West End of Newcastle keeps getting knocked back for no sensible reason that I can see, so they don't win everything
  • maxtweenie
    I shop at Tesco because they've forced every other local retailer to close. It's either Tesco or Lidl, so it's just a case of how Pikey I want to be, very Pikey or Lidl Pikey.
  • klingelton
    Mr Tesco foodpost man dropped a free catalogue around our gaff on the weekend when he delivered foodstuffs capable of clogging arteries and filling facial food holes. On perusal, i was astounded how cheap it all was. In your face Argos, I'm shopping from tesco direct from now on. Imagine, if you will: DIE WITH TESCOS: - Buy your 50" TV from tescos - Buy your ice cream and crisps through online delivery service so you don't have to prise yourself from your sofa - Buy your life insurance with them so when you fall from your mortal coil, your spouse or dependants have enough money to bury your fat arse - and i suspect (maybe unsubstatiated claim here) but maybe Tescos do a funeral service with 5000 points so your grieving widow might fly off to Benidorm to mourn your loss. I hope they do a taxidermy. I regularly threaten the wife that when i die, i want to be stuffed and sat on the sofa in a comical pose as a constant reminder of our time together.
  • Paul
    @klingelton What type of taxidermy would you prefer? Tesco value or Tesco finest?
  • The B.
    It's quite simple, people will vote with their spending, I'd quite happily support my local shops if the buggers were open outside of 9-5 Monday to Friday when everyone's at work, that's why 50% of my local shops are now restaurants (although the local Budgens has just become Waitrose which is very handy).
  • Alexis
    "On perusal, i was astounded how cheap it all was. In your face Argos, I’m shopping from tesco direct from now on. Imagine" I found the opposite. It was much cheaper to kit my flat out with a washing machine, dishwasher and fridge-freezer from Argos, The Co-op and Ikea respectably. Tesco rip you off on the delivery.
  • Daniel Z.
  • Mark C.
    They got told to fuck off with their plans to build some sort of enormo-complex at Morning Lane in Hackney as well. It's quite an achievement to pitch something that's deemed to be too ugly even for central Hackney.
  • Nobby
    I shop at tesco for packaged goods / stock cupboard stuff such as cereals, ice-cream, etc. Then buy meat and veg from local growers. I prefer to eat local meat from our farmers shop, but I cannot stand the prices they charge for the same goods that tesco sells - eg. some of their cereals are 50% more than at tesco. I hope my buying tells them that some people do want to buy from local independents, but are not willing to pay premium prices for the same products. Sell something special, and people will come. Or sell it cheaply, like tescos. So I have no objection to tesco expanding. I use them so I cannot slag them off for being too big.
  • zax
    mysupermarket.co.uk > efficient way to shop! Make a list of stuff you need to buy for the weekend shopping, see where the cheapest is, group them together and visit each supermarket.
  • Nick
    hopefully they take over the uk and my tesco shares will go up :)
  • The B.
    Zax, that's great but frankly I won't step foot in either my local Tesco or Asda until someone cleans up the genepool of the people who shop there, we get the lesser spotted dressing gown chav 24/7.
  • AG
    Ikea rip you off on delivery - 95 quid to my home....
  • Inspector G.
    Reminds me of a bit from "Time Trumpet" 5 years ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfSi0D7KESk
  • Jerec
    Tesco have bought a the old offices for Halifax in Bexleyheath and were going to build a store even though there is mental traffic there already and a giant ASDA's only 500 yards away but I think it was kibosh'd. But after reading this is makes sense, they can hold onto it and let it go to shit and then swoop in with the great idea to build a lovely store, the cunts!
  • Hi O.
    Tesco kept trying to buy the land right in the middle of our town that the council had earmarked for redevelopment. But the council kept telling them to fuck off...they got refused planning permission a number of times. Also, there was also quite a lot of public opposition to it at several meetings. They backed down, but then opened a store in the shopping centre by getting the lease to two units and having a knock thru. As it was private land and a private lease, the council were totally powerless.The lesson folks here is: Tesco will always get their way eventually...
  • James
    Then they wait for the local retailers to go out of business and put prices back up. I try to use local shops and Waitrose for as much as possible and Tescos only for cleaning products.
  • Will
    Meh. Tesco give people more jobs in a big store, than a little store would do. Thus more people are employed. Thus more people have money. Thus more people are paying taxes. Thus we're all bit better off.
  • Will
    James. Please read the following extensively. You are silly. That is all.
  • Daniel
    I don't see the problem with Tesco growing everywhere. Its not the 60's anymore. The more Tesco's there are, the better it will be.
  • PokeHerPete
    James, I too prefer paying Mr. Patel £1.99 for a bottle of lime cordial which costs 35p at Tesco. Support your local shops!
  • Mr P.
    Please be buying my orange squash too only 1,99. I also sell alcopops no proof of age required
  • Zeddy
    Looking at the gene pool on here, it will be all Tesco fairly soon. Tesco's and Asda's what?! For fuck sake!
  • Jack T.
    Tesco Direct is clearly trying to ape Argos but it's a pile of shite. Poor quality products. poor pricing, never got stock of anything on offer, bad customer service. And that is compared to Argos FFS. I've tried it and I'd rather pay more and shop elsewhere.
  • Nobby
    > Poor quality products. poor pricing, never got stock of anything on offer, bad customer service. Sounds like they are aping Argos quite well to me.
  • delrio
    tesco's are alright for dry/canned goods, but their fruit and veg is pathetic and their meat isn't up to much either. here they have one store in town on a 'main' road that has too much traffic for its size, and they own another bit of land next to a college less than a mile from their first site that they plan to build a store on - this second site has even worse access as it's right off a bitch of a trafficlighted crossroads. the sainsbury's is on the bypass (suitable for cars only really), but has decent fresh goods and you don't sit in traffic to get there. if i AM in town M&S food gets my money - WAY better quality and not as expensive as you'd think when i was growing up, tesco was the dirty store that smelled of piss - kinda like the netto of its day
  • jon
    Tesco is a disease, slowly, it eventually gets everyone in one way or another. i'm ok with their supermarkets but not their silly buy in to the convenience world with these metro's, where they do not charge the same prices for products as in their own superstores. obviously independent retailers ('corner shops') cannot charge as cheap as Tesco's do simply because they don't get to buy the goods at the price Tesco pay. little does everyone know that these independent retailers work on a less profit margin as Tesco, due to the price they pay the manufacturer for the same product. still some people don't get it and moan 'y don't Mr Singh charge same as Tesco'. normally its the benefit frauding chavs. All retailers (independent or big companies) should be able to pay the same price for products from manufacturers so they have a better chance in competing, regardless of size. Does this mean if i go to buy a t.v i should be charged according to my wealth or according to the value of the product!! Rightly so we all want to pay less for our products, but if long term thinking is applied...does this mean that england will change its name to Tesco's one day, will our schools be run by them, will we all have to work for Tesco's in one way or another and wear those dirty uniforms. The day i see a car pull up beside me and the F'in badge on it says Tesco...
  • Richard
    "And there’s no question that they create a lot of jobs for the communities they’re in" they don't create jobs - just the opposite. both government and independent studies have shown that, on average, 30 jobs disappear in the local community for every 20 jobs Tesco 'creates'. these jobs are usually at local traders and their suppliers
  • Tony T.
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  • james s.
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