Table service at McDonald's anyone?

6 August 2015

mcdonalds_logo McDonald's, in a bid to get people munching their meat again, are going to start offering table service to its customers. No, seriously.

There's a trial at one of the restaurants in Manchester, where customers will choose a seat and then, with the help of a fixed tablet gadget, will put their order in and then wait for someone to bring them their food and drinks.

Now, they already do this service in Australia, France, Switzerland, and Germany, so if the people of Manchester go for it, then it'll almost certainly be rolled out across the whole of the UK. Basically, this whole thing is a really fancy way of clicking your fingers.

Maccies have to do something though, as globally, they've been having problems with falls in sales. Last week, they announced that across the globe, comparable sales had fallen 0.7%, with a drop in income of 16%. Of course, Ronald McDonald & Co are still wildly rich, but there's a definitely decline.

A spokesperson for McDonald's UK said: "To meet customers' evolving expectations we are investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience."

"We are testing some new concepts, such as table service, whereby customers place their order via our new digital kiosks and then have their food brought to them. It is currently on test in our Mottram restaurant in Greater Manchester, but with plans to increase the trial over the coming month."

"It’s an idea that has been successfully launched in other McDonald's markets including France, Germany and Australia, and we are keen to see if it will prove as popular with customers in the UK."

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