Supermarket protects children from the ways of the gays

27 January 2011

Bitterwallet - gay supermarket ban

Thanks goodness somebody at this supermarket in Arkansas was thinking of the children. Two HOMOSEXUAL men on a magazine cover. They were wearing clothes but clearly NAKED underneath them. And they were holding a BABY. That's practically rimming in our book. Well, the book on Mof's desk.

Apparently the shields have already been taken down, after the citizens of the intermaweb pointed out it was no longer the 19th century in North America.

[The Daily What]

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  • Jamlid
    Personally I'd have kept the covers on because it was Elton John, not because he's gay.
  • Nob
    Was it the store that put it up or someone that just wanted to get an internet campaign going for fun? As teenagers, we used to grab porno mags off the top shelf and put them on the comics shelf for a laugh. It looks like a very easy to move sign, probably placed in front of their equivalent of NUTS. Prankster moves it, photographs it, uploads to internet, posts everywhere to start a campaign against it, people that never go into the store start bombarding them with emails, and so on... Next they will be spelling the word cunt with spice jars on a supermarket shelf, and blaming the company for the way they are displayed.
  • steve
    Do Harps treat other mental illnesses like this or are they just picking on gays?
  • Pele
    Its just a phase they're going through
  • oliverreed
    @Nob I like the spice jar joke... Anyhow, it's better to have a board in front of filth instead of a plastic bag - they are so awkward to get a free glimpse through
  • Clinton B.
    [...] the second of an adhoc series we’re spontaneously calling “What year is it again?”, here’s a peek at what [...]

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