Supermarket fiends slashing bargain booze

23 January 2010

Boooo-ze! New research carried out with as sober an eye as it is possible to have has shown that supermarkets are REDUCING their alcohol promotions, which can only lead to a huge shortage of booze and the very real possibility of rioting in the streets. Probably.

The Grocer magazine have revealed that 22% of all supermarket promotions so far this month have been booze-flavoured, compared to 26 % in January 2009. Instead, promotions on fresh food are in the ascendency, rising from 11.5% last year to 14% this year.

Asda are the worst culprits with their alcohol deals dropping from 27% of their promotional offering to just 13%, as if they’d been taken over by a gang of frigging Quakers or something.

Experts believe that things will only get worse if the government introduce minimum pricing on alcohol, as has been previously mooted.

The only alternative is make your own, like the man in the clip below, or keep a keen eye on the booze bargains on HotUKDeals


  • andrew R.
    why did you think it was a good ide ato load all the live Leak videos on here ... oh yeah cause we dont have enough stuff to waste our time on ... no hold on ... Get it sorted
  • andrew R.
    ok ... i will in future waste my time watching all of the video before posting ... hangs head in shame and shuffels waay slowly....
  • bowmore
    Why do you think it is a good idea to let people make their and other people's lives hell by drinking stupid quantities of cheap booze? There is nothing even remotely funny about alcoholism, nor about drunks in general. Ever been on the London-Glasgow train when it gets to about Peterborough and they have finished their 24 cans of Carling each. Gosh, what jolly japes.
  • Alex
    Umm have they actually reduced or do they have more food offers relative to the same number of drinks offers?
  • Rob
    If people want to drink they will. This country's supposed alcohol problem has got nothing to do with 'cheap' alcohol deals. It's much cheaper in supermarkets on the continent.
  • The L.
    Has anyone considered encouraging binge drinking by promoting cheap booze and 24/7 open bars is a jolly good wheeze on the part of the government to save on the state pension bill? Stay sober - make 'em pay! Or save your drink problem until you're old and all your friends have died anyway.
  • andy y.
    Booze and pharmaceuticals pourquoi? Because as a nation we are generally unhappy when sober.It has to be more than the weather
  • Jehova
    We need a good war, that'll sort us out.
  • jones
    It would be helpful if you said what the figure for January was. Saying "compared to January 2009" without doing so is meaningless.
  • mc
    Its not the price of alcohol that makes alcoholics, its the alcohol. My partner has been buying wine secretly and hiding round the house, its been going on for years I now realise, only after I threatened to leave and take our child (after trying to help for months to help her) did I get to that stage. I am emotionally wrecked, getting cheap booze, doesn't make people dependant, and likewise removing cheap deals or just making it plain expensive wont stop people drinking it. The bulk of people out there are sane people who don't feel thay need that kick, some people do, those that do have "a new best friend at the expense of all their existing ones, family too" curing alcohol dependancy doesn't start with making it more expensive. It comes with patient help, caring and understanding if someone is. As far as being constructive, and proposing ways to tackle the issue, do what the Americans do and make legallity happen at the age of 21 or even higher. Reducing the price of alcohol is another typical knee jerk reaction to a problem that certain people just don't understand, societies problems are deeper than that, we need better policing, safer neighbourhoods, better communities, a justice system that punished the wrong and protects the right, not the other way round? But hey that would cost money!, kets just ask other people to reduce the deals that good, that electable! Doh! PS, my partner is now being treated, our life is 1000% better, everyone we know, knows she has a problem and is helping, see!, community works, caring works, reducing deals doesn't night night
  • Andy D.
    Sorry jones - comparison % added.
  • paine
    Why should sensible home drinkers,be penalised,for peoples lack of self control. One only has to look a politicians and bankers,to see the lack of personal responsibility at the highest levels of society.Legislation is not the answer?
  • goon
    i dont get the video. anyone care to explain

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