Sugar tax? What, really?

sugar The chief medical officer for England thinks that we might need to introduce a sugar tax in a bid to put the scuppers on obesity rates.

Dame Sally Davies told a committee of MPs that the government needs to get tough with those who produce food and drink and that she believed "research will find sugar is addictive", and that "we may need to introduce a sugar tax".

Dame Davies said: "We have a generation of children who, because they're overweight and their lack of activity, may well not live as long as my generation. They will be the first generation that live less, and that is of great concern."

Yeah. Those poor children might not live to see retirement age, which has been pushed back thanks to irritatingly healthy people who live until they're 103 and crap everywhere. Davies reckons that being overweight had been "normalised" and added: "I worry that we have re-sized a women's dress size so that a size 14 now was a size 12 when I was student."

"We have to find a new way - not of ostracising people who are obese and making them feel bad about themselves - but somehow of helping them to understand this is pathological and will cause them harm."

Of course, ministers have been arguing about food packaging for a while and no-one can really agree to anything. More pertinently, does anyone really care? If manufacturers start sticking warnings on food that is bad for you, surely it'll only end up being like the red triangle Channel 4 used to put on things that would guarantee you a sex scene? It wouldn't be a deterrent, but rather, a hallmark for what you want.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: "To help the nation to be healthier by eating fewer calories, including sugar, we are working with industry through the Responsibility Deal. This work has already delivered results but we have always been clear that, if food and drink companies fail to act, we will look at other options and are keeping all international evidence under review."


  • Al
    Yeah, like a pack of biscuits going up from 75p to 95p will make any difference.
  • Coran
    Tax it to cover the burden on the NHS that obese people cause..Like alcohol or cigarettes... Where's the story? Sounds like just common sense.
  • John P.
    Hah! Tax the about encouraging retailers not to charge so damn much for a salad or sandwich! You can get a Burger, Chips and Fries with drink for less than £3 whereas a Salad will easily cost you £5! Maybe not charge tax on Gym or Sports club memberships.....but Noooooooo, they can't make money like that.

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