Starbucks - charging a fortune to make the world better, dammit

Ah, Starbucks - the sweet, sweet aroma of corporate America. Why do we stump up the best part of a fiver for a cup of the stuff? For the flavour, or the name? With indie coffee houses now ten a penny, and the likes of McDonalds already encroaching on their trade, the company has devised a new advertising campaign to explain why they burgle your pocket.

In the US, a series of ads will warn the mainstream cattle that "It's not what you're buying, it's what you're buying into" and "Beware of a cheaper cup of coffee, it comes with a price" and then explain that Starbucks make jillions from selling coffee to make the world a better place, not swell their profits to a Ron Jeremy-sized girth. All the ads carry the strapline: "It's not just coffee, it's Starbucks."

The ads state that Starbucks is in the business of buying fair-trade beans and providing health care for US employees who work more than 20 hours a week, and that's they why charge a little more, see? Except that doesn't explain why the prices are extortionate in the UK where employees don't need health cover, unless Starbucks is signing them up to BUPA.

It's almost like Stella Artois' Reassuringly Expensive campaign, but nowhere near as much fun. And you don't feel all that reassured, either.


  • Dan
    Starbucks is amazing.
  • Starbollocks
    The crappest coffee ever! They have completely butchered the idea of capuccino. Their prices are an even bigger joke. Give me an independent coffee house any day! Mugs just like to stand in a long queue first thing in the morning for a cup of sub-standard overpriced coffee to feel glamourous and pretend that Bromley in Manhattan....."Hey look at me, I'm too busy to make a cup of coffee at home.' they also charge £5 for a f*****g sandwich! Rant over, apologies.
  • Dan
    I'm pretty sure if I lived in Bromely, I'd do everything I could to pretend I lived in Manhattan.
  • Dan
    or even Bromley.
  • Acecatcher3
    I'm a virgin..... In terms of starbucks never even been inside one
  • Starbollocks
    I suppose my point is that we are so insecure with our British identity that we gladly pay silly money for poor coffee for its American image and branding. Nothing against Bromley......lovely part of the world!
  • Bullet
    If you would pay £5 for a cup , why not pay £10 or more for a really good jar of the stuff and make your own.
  • Mike H.
    I know for a fact (through a rumour) that Starbucks strapline was going to be, "We think you're so fucking thick, we'll try and charge you £5 for a cup of coffee made with Nescafe instant FFS" But was dropped due to use of the Nescafe name.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Only muppets pay stupid Starbucks / Costa etc prices for coffee... fact!
  • Starfuckers
    Only muppets drink the awful quality of starfucks / costa "coffee". Goto an indie - you'll get better coffee, cheaper and you won't look like an utter twat.
  • Mike H.
    tROUBLE IS, THE NUMPTIES THAT GO INTO STARBUCKS, DON'T KNOW DICK ABOUT COFFEE AND WHAT IT SHOULD TASTE LIKE. tHEY ARE BUYING AN EXPERIENCE, AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE SEEN IN A QUEUE FOR A CUP OF TAR. iT IS ALSO AN OPPORTUNITY TO DEMONSTARTE THAT YOU DON'T CARE THAT YOU'VE JUST BEEN ROBBED £5 FOR A CUP OF WATERED DOWN TOILET FLUSHINGS, AS YOUR LOADED. Apollogies for the caps, I'd written most of that before realising it was on, please send complaints on a postcard stating YOU'RE WANKERS! in big black letters, please drop them off in your local Starbucks, alternatively, if you are not in posession of a postcard, just run in shouting YOUR'E ALL FUCKING WANKERS! they'll know what your on about.
  • Martin
    I remember discussing buying clothes at Primark with a colleague. They said for each item you buy there, you may as well kill a third world child. Which sounds like fun.
  • acecatcher3
    i never drink tea of coffe, infact i dont think i can make a very nice cup of tea of coffee, we once had a guy round fixing our pc and i offered him a drink and he asked for coffee, i ended up putting about 5 large spoons full of coffee granules in the cup and because i wasnt sure if that was enough (o how i lol now) i watched him drink it................fair play to the guy he drank it all, bet he didnt sleep for weeks tho...i prefer cold drinks tbh, i dont like drinks that u have to sip.
  • Star$$'s
    Starbucks offer a wide range of coffee for home brewing something to suit everyone's taste. I can honestly say ive never once paid £5 for a sandwich they usually cost about £3.50 then i get my gf's partner discount so brings it down even more :D.
  • acecatcher3
    ^^ ur gf has another partner, what a slut* * im sure shes not a slut and a very nice lady and i knew what u meant by partner discount i just wanted to make the joke, sorry xx
  • Starfuckers
    " suit everyones taste". Yeah, as long as your sense of taste = fucked.
  • Pointing o.
    I hate to say it but the only reason everyone is here bashing Starbucks is because it's cool to bash Starbucks, just like it's cool to bash Tesco or McDonald's. The fact of the matter is Starbucks employee the very best experts in teh industry and buy the very finiest quality from all over the world, so while you may get a kick out of sayign their coffee is shit, you know it isn't and you know you're making it up. With regards to the original blog, the premium pricetag is due to the premium quality beans and corporate citizenship, like you said in your post.

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