Shock! Turns out some Starbucks drinks are sugary!

17 February 2016

starbucks-logo People all over the world, like to treat themselves with something sweet now and then. People will buy cupcakes and doughnuts for themselves, or decide  that they want to glurp down a whole bottle of Lilt in one go.

Are they good for you? That's not the point of a treat.

And so, to Starbucks, which people like moaning about even though no-one is forcing them to go and buy their wares. Obviously, a number of their drinks are very sugary - they've got things with syrup in them and whipped cream all over the top and all that stuff.

Basically, some Starbucks drinks are like desserts, so it should be zero surprise to anyone with at least one functioning brain cell, that there's sugar in some Starbucks drinks. However, campaign group Action On Sugar, would still like to warn everyone, while they continue to take action on all the sugar in the world.

They have done analysis on 131 hot flavoured drinks and found that 98% of those tested would end up with a red nutritional value label for high sugar content, while a third of the hot drinks they tested had the same amount (or more) sugar than a can of Coke. You probably knew that though, and have probably drank some Coca-Cola as well, recently (probably with booze in it, knowing you lot).

Anyway, the group ran tests on flavoured coffees, hot fruit drinks, and hot chocolates, which are all clearly sweet. They weren't just testing Starbucks drinks - they went to other places, like Costa.

So what were the worst offenders? Well, the Costa Coffee Chai Latte Massimo contains 20 cubes of sugar, while Starbuck's Hot Mulled Fruit has 22 teaspoons of sugar (that comes in a pint-sized serving, for the record). There's a lot of sugar in Starbucks’ venti White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream too - can you believe that?! Yes. Of course you can. It is a drink made out of chocolate. Over at KFC, their mocha has 15 Teaspoons of sugar, but again, the fact that a chocolate based drink is sweet, is blindingly obvious.

Over to Professor Graham MacGregor, chair of Action on Sugar: "This is yet again another example of scandalous amount of sugar added to our food and drink. David Cameron now has all the evidence to make the UK the first country in the world to stop the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic."

Action on Sugar researcher Kawther Hashem added: "Coffee shop chains must immediately reduce the amount of sugar in these hot drinks, improve their labelling and stop selling the extra-large serving sizes. These hot flavoured drinks should be an occasional treat, not an “everyday” drink."

"They are laden with an unbelievable amount of sugar and calories and are often accompanied by a high sugar and fat snack. It is not surprising that we have the highest rate of obesity in Europe. Our advice to consumers is to have a plain hot drink or ask for your drink to contain a minimal amount of syrup, preferably sugar free, in the smallest serving size available."

A Starbucks spokesperson chipped in: "We offer a wide variety of lighter options, sugar-free syrups and sugar-free natural sweetener and we display all nutritional information in-store and online," adding that the company have already said that they're reducing sugar content and plan to have 25% less in their drinks by 2020. Same goes for Costa.

So anyway, just to make sure everyone's okay, we're just going to say that, the next time you have a drink that tastes really sugary, it is probably really sugary. Okay?

And now, we hand you over to our correspondents who like to tell everyone just how much they don't go in commercial coffee shops...

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  • Jordan
    In case you read this Kawther Hashem and alike.. p*ss off! If people want to drink a sugary coffee everyday then so be it! If somebody wants a large coffee, so be it! It actually infuriates me how they dictate people should eat etc. Fair enough, make the labeling clear so people know what their consuming, if they still want it then that's their choice. Don't take the option away from them
  • Bottom I.
    FFS....this country is going to the dogs.
  • Confused Y.
    Imagine what it must feel like to be so threatened by someone saying "these drinks are unhealthy", that they believe they are being "dictated" to. It must take so much insecurity! They aren't saying "stop drinking the death drink", they're saying "if you want to be healthy, drink less of the death drink", and if you take that as anything else, then you're clearly projecting pretty strongly.
  • Father J.
    "If people want to drink a sugary coffee everyday then so be it! If somebody wants a large coffee, so be it!" I totally agree, this is merely Darwinism in action. Anyone who wants to drink this shit should be allowed to crack on, ideally before they've had an opportunity to breed.
  • Andrea
    I for one think this is a great initiative. People at the very least should be made aware of how much sugar and fat those drinks actually contain, given the impact of excessive sugar and fat in their health. These are sold as drinks not desserts. There is a difference between ordering a drink that tastes sweet and being sold something that has 15-20 teaspoons of sugar. Plus you have a cake to go with it. So put things clearly on the label, and let people choose. I bet a lot of people will stop consuming these drinks when they are faced with the ugly truth.
  • Skymarshall
    "It is not surprising that we have the highest rate of obesity in Europe." Because no other countries have Starbucks. Morons.
  • Fat H.
    Would you like a drink with your sugar?
  • Father J.
    "Because no other countries have Starbucks. Morons." Indeed, surely we can't have as many fat bastards per square metre as the septics?

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