Science creates half fat vodka jelly chocolate

8 April 2013

Obviously, as a lady, if you say the word ‘half fat chocolate’ I’ll come barreling towards you in my Jimmy Choos and Special K red dress whimpering like a coiffured shihtzu. (No, I won’t). However, add the words ‘vodka jelly’ to it, and consider your leg HUMPED.


Chemists in America are using science wisely to create half fat chocolate that’s got the same ‘mouthfeel’ as full fat chocolate, and it's got a secret delicious ingredient - BOOZE.

Here's the science bit. The process starts with agar jelly, which is commonly used as a gelling agent. The jelly creates tiny sponges within the chocolate, which displace the fat without compromising the texture.

Normal chocolate gets its texture from an emulsion of suspended fat globules.(Mmmm, tasty!) Agar is small enough to mimic these fat globules, but the solution has to be slightly acidic.

So, you can use fruit juices to pad out the chocolate solids, or you can use 100% proof gut rot.

Chemist Dr Stefan Bon said: ‘You can stick to your fruit juice if you want, but you can also make a vodka-based chocolate bar, which is exciting - obviously not very healthy, but exciting.’


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  • Dr Z.
    So you like chocolate liquers which are essentially the choice of urine-stained old ladies?
  • Mike O.
    I've just finished a box of chocolate liquors and Im not an old lady. Admittedly I am urine stained though.
  • JonB
    Have you tasted American "chocolate" before? I wouldn't get too excited yet.

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