Sainsbury's on the slide

9 April 2014

sainsbury's local Sainsbury's share of the UK grocery market has fallen by the largest amount in a decade.

The supermarket had long been the best performing of the big four supermarkets, but stiff competition from the likes of Lidl and Aldi, and shoppers no longer sticking to one brand of supermarket due to better bargains elsewhere.

This drop is the latest in a long line of supermarket woes, with the main four suffering cuts and lower profits.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank said: "These numbers will raise questions as to whether Sainsbury’s is participating sufficiently in recent price investments to maintain its competitiveness."

Tesco's sales also fell 3%, and saw its market share reduced to 28.6% after a tricky period which has led to an overhaul in its price promise and marketing spend.

In the 12 weeks to March 30, Morrisons sales also fell 3.8%. The best performer out of the “big four” was Asda, whose sales still fell 0.5%. Meanwhile, Aldi and Lidl grew at a record pace in the last 12 weeks, and now have an overall combined share of 8%.

If you've been in any of these shops lately, not one bit of it will surprise you. The big guns really need to look at the way they do business.

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  • Alexis
    Who are these people who go to Aldi? It's shit. There's fuck all inside for sale.
  • jt
    Got to say Lidl cheap coke is great. Not quite Coke but better than Pepsi.
  • Tony L.
    If you want cheap cap then Lidl and Ali are great. The rubbish they sell is actually worth about half they sell it for. Shop at a supermarket not a grocer jumble sale.
  • Tony L.
    Crap and grocery jumble sale.
  • Janie
    Sorry folks - I am an Aldi convert. They might not always have everything you need BUT crap they most definitely are not. If you can get past the jumble sale aisles and concentrate on the food offering, Aldi offers fab value for money for the basics like veg, meat, fish etc plus really good charcuterie and deli if you don't mind a bit of a rummage to find the good stuff. Wines are a-mazing too. And no, I am not an Aldi PR person, just a savvy shopper who is fed up of being ripped off by the big four.
  • Her L.
    I'm happy to buy Aldi products and often scour their weekly deals to see if that sought-after MIG welder is back on sale. What I object to is the godawful checkout experience where you're expected to shovel everything back into the trolley and then huddle in a corner to re-pack your shopping. I also take umbrage over claims people have switched to it from one of the proper supermarkets. I can't do a full shop a Aldi because they simply don't stock everything I need. Maybe if I ate frozen pizzas or Ainsley Harriot rice meals then I would be a convert.
  • Gabriella
    Why would anyone shop at Sainsbury, their own label isn't good quality, they are more expensive than anyone else even M and S and Waitrose. I stopped shopping at Sainsbury a while ago now instead preferring Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose for food at least you get money off vouchers with Waitrose, free coffee and tea and a free newspaper and money off with a my waitrose card and their cheaper than Sainsbury. Aldi are OK for fresh British meat and vegetables, they are cheap good quality and they sell branded Easter Eggs for 99p that's cheap.

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