Sainsbury’s CEO slaps Tesco's 'Price Promise'

19 March 2013

Justin King, Sainsbury's CEO, is thinking about grassing Tesco up to the ASA over their new Price Promise initiative, because he thinks the whole thing is dreadfully unfair.

If you missed the story, Tesco have introduced this new price comparison tool, along with the claim that it is much more comprehensive than Sainsbury's Brand Match service, mainly because it compares own label as well as branded products.

However, King spat the ring and claimed that it was impossible for Tesco to compare like-for-like with its own-label products.

Asked if Sainsbury’s would consider extending Brand Match to cover such products, he said: "No, quite the reverse, actually. We think the strength of Brand Match is precisely that. That it is Brand Match. I think you have already seen some significant conversation around Tesco’s price match as to how on earth one truly and fairly compares own label. And of course we would share that concern."

"We think the vast majority of our Own Label is not comparable to that of our competitors and we know from our customer research that the reason they like Brand Match is that it is clear, straightforward, they know exactly what it is. Those brands are of course completely comparable supermarket to supermarket."

He added: "There is a new protocol that was agreed with the ASA about a year or so ago where the first place that you go, if someone is advertising something you think is unfair, you go to them. So you can be sure we will be pointing out to Tesco where we believe their own-label products are being unfairly compared to ours."

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  • Alexis
    Brand Match is great. You often get a voucher for massive amounts, such as 4 or even 12 pence, which you can then discount off your next shop. As long as it's in the next 6 or 7 days, after which it self destructs
  • Lewis W.
    I love how these two are having a pissing match yet Asda, who implemented it first, doesn't give a monkey's...
  • zeddy
    “We think the vast majority of our Own Label is not comparable to that of our competitors..." You're fucking right, it's way too expensive to compare. Sainsbury's would be blown right out of the water.
  • BS
    Really? I find that the own label products of the big supermarkets are actually often comparable. Like tins of tomatoes, toilet paper, fruit and veg if the same weight, etc. I often buy own label rather than branded goods as well and have small shopping trips, so Brand Match is meaningless to me. I almost never qualify and it's not worth it even if I do. Sainsburys are whining about it because they know they won't be cheaper!
  • eh
    BS you just contradicted yourself. The first paragraph "I find ...own label products of big supermarkets are often comparable" then in the last you say "Sainsbury's are whining [because] they ..wont be cheaper". Make your mind up. Brand match may not have been first by Sainsbury's but who cares. The simplicity is in the vouchers being given at the checkout, automatically.
  • Lord S.
    @eh Comparable in terms of product description, type and volume/quantity, you fucking moron.
  • Grammar N.
    @eh How is he contradicting himself?
  • chewbacca
    It's all more or less a cartel anyway. Look at (for example) the price of gin/vodka etc from the major 5 supermarkets. With the exception of deals, they're all the same price. They even tend to put their prices up at the same time.
  • tin
    Agree with Alexis, but will add the extra cons that if one item was cheaper in some other store, the saving is offset at the till by stuff that was cheaper in this store, and that there's usually some kind of low cap like £10 or something. I also can't understand why the till bothers to print out a voucher for 1p off the next shop. And agree with others that non-branded stuff IS usually comparable, and seeing as the supermarkets have spent the last 20 years destroying the power of the brands with their own make cheapo horseburgers, saying that it's better just to compare brands is shite. It's all bollocks. Supermarkets just want to close every other business down anyway and prevent you from having anywhere else to go. Fighting amongst themselves is just a sideshow.

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