Postcard from the edge

2 November 2011

Do you ever read the small ad postcards in your local supermarket? Do you REALLY read them? Avid Bitterwallet reader Lawrence does, and he sent us this one, found in his local Tesco. A hundred Bitterwalleteer points to anyone who can glean any kind of meaning from it. GO!


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  • Emma
    It's like they're keyword stuffing it to rank on google, but it's not actually online!
  • Dick
    Do they still do these free? I remember in my student days writing things like "WANTED: Children. Any colour. Good rates paid." and then underneath "FOR SALE: meat for pies and sausages, top quality, locally reared." "FOR SALE: Dog food. Not as good quality as above. May have the odd finger or eye in it."
  • captain c.
    Selling a few things to feed his habit?? From the way it is written I would say it screams I NEED A FIX NOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gary
    The answer is obvious! It was written by Rain Man.
  • Buccaneer
    Can someone please please please call the number on the ad? I am too scared too, as I am not much of a man myself.
  • Scotty
    I wouldn't ring it it's on a divert to a number abroad could be a scam

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