Pizza Hut - turns out it isn't very good for you

27 October 2015

pizza-sign-no-arms First, we find out processed meat is bad for you (OH NO!), and now, we find that Pizza Hut isn't exactly great either (HOW CAN THIS BE?!). Before we get going into the real chunk of the article, we'll take a brief breather for those who don't read a whole piece, but have already left a comment, missing any sarcasm contained within.

Okay, we're good to go again now.

According to a report, Pizza Hut are selling children's meals that are loaded with 48 cubes of sugar. That's 192g by their reckoning, which is eight times the recommended daily limit for kids aged 7-to-10.

This is an investigation by the folks at the Soil Association, and they found that loads of junk food is really bad for you. They have wagged their fingers at Pizza Hut, Frankie & Benny’s and Café Rouge, who are all offering kids free or discounted refills of high-calorie drinks, and their spokesman Rob Percival thinks the whole thing is "obscene".

"Parents want to take their children for a treat, but they have no idea how much sugar some high street restaurants are peddling at their children. Two in three parents don’t think that kids’ food in restaurants is good enough. Adults expect to be offered real food and real choices in restaurants and we think children deserve the same."

"We’ve found some up-market eateries are designing menus that make healthy eating for children almost impossible."

So, if you order a 9 inch BBQ Americano from Pizza Hut, you're eating over five cubes of sugar. If you have an ice-cream for dessert, that's 26 more cubes of sugar. Then you've got your soft drinks on top too. So yeah, junk food. Who knew eh?

Of course, this is all fodder for the sugar tax debate, which has been kicking off lately. There are places which are seen to be better than the rest of the bunch - the Soil Association gave praise to Jamie’s Italian, Harvester and Giraffe.

So what do Pizza Hut have to say? In a statement, they said: "All of our self-service drink machines provide low- and no-sugar options, and the majority of carbonated drinks bought are low- or no-sugar. Free, unlimited salad, which includes over 30 varieties of fruit and vegetables, is available in all of our Huts."

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