Now that's how you do a supermarket display....

9 August 2010



TOPICS:   Supermarket


  • Mungo S.
  • Palmface
    Okay, that's impressive.
  • DP
    I think I'll select one of the orangey-coloured ones, right from the middle...
  • DP
    Super Mario Jenga!!!
  • Spoonyboy
    @ Mungo Splodge. Why would it not be real, it's different coloured boxes stacked in way that make the shape of a video game character. Is this too much of a far fetched concept for you to grasp?
  • Bunk
    You're reading too much into it Spoony, in pretty much every BW post someone waps out the IS DIS REAL line
  • Mungo S.
    @spoonyboy WTF! IS U REAL? haha...come on avid Bitterwallet reader Spoonyboy.... get with the in crowd man :-)
  • Spoonyboy
    Oh I get it......that's so funny my bladder can hardly contain my urine.
  • whathesaid
    fail on the attempts at thread humor
  • Adebisi
    someone get 'whathesaid' to the ROFLCOPTER
  • tardive d.
    "in crowd"? The "in-crowd" stopped saying ' dis real' about 600years ago.
  • Mungo S.
    yeah, whatever idiot said it is just an idiot..oh, wait....doh. idiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiot

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