Now supermarkets are MRI scanning shoppers in order to sell them more stuff

19 November 2013

trolleysSupermarkets are always looking for the most effective way to shove their shady offers in your face at exactly the right time, and now a shopping research organisation, in conjunction with the University of Bangor, has come up with a high tech solution- using an MRI scanner.

Yes, we know these expensive pieces of equipment are normally used for checking for cancer and brain diseases and the suchlike, but surely shopping is equally as important? Test shoppers will be asked to simulate a 'normal' weekly shop (spending around £40) and the MRI will elucidate which areas of the brain are used at which part of the shopping journey, and illustrate what effect yet another BOGOF has on the brain.

Preliminary research has found that:

After around 23 minutes of shopping, emotional responses take over from cognitive thought. This means you really have to buy that chocolate bar, regardless of whether it is good value or not.

After 40 minutes (average time for a shop) the cognitive functions of the brain shut down completely, “ceasing to form rational thoughts.” Explains all that bad trolley driving/parking then.

SBXL research also found that 20% of people will put a special offer into their trolley even if it is actually poor value for money and that nearly half of BOGOFs are incomplete- with shoppers only picking up one item.

Dr Paul Mullins, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bangor said: “In particular, we are interested in how factors we may be unconsciously aware of can override what might be considered the optimal choice based on conscious judgements.”

SBXL MD Philip Adcock was confident his company could help supermarkets fleece us even further maximise profits: “We estimate that supermarkets and brands consistently give away 23% more margin than they need to.”

So the moral of the story is- do your shopping in under 23 minutes.

[food manufacturer]

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  • Bert F.
    Well, clearly not. Big fail in headline dept.
  • Sir C.
    I've never bought a bar of chocolate that wasn't good value.
  • VulvaRevolver
    It is literally torture to read a Bitterwallet article. Terrible writers, uninspired puns and jokes, crap style. I hate myself for being tricked constantly by the 'interesting' headlines that are displayed on the HUKD site and reading them, but I never get past the first paragraph before figuring out that it's a load of drivel. Please stop. What's the point? Hardly anyone comments, and those that do only moan about how crap it is.
  • _Me_
    Hang on, who has a shopping bill of £40? Are they all single virgins or something?
  • Captain.Cretin
    I often have a shopping bill of about £40. I go to buy a pint of milk and get sucked in by the special offers!!! :-( I still joke about going in to Lidl to buy milk and coming out with a step ladder.
  • web p.
    It's going to be ending of mine day, except before end I am reading this fantastic piece of writing to improve my experience.

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