All hail the nine-patty burger

18 February 2013

Burgers have been getting a lot of stick recently, thanks to them being made of horse meat, rather than beef. The best of you will have ignored this information and ploughed your way through meat regardless. But, if you need to put the spark back into your beefy ways, then America is on-hand to give it to you. And how.

Behold, the fast food restaurant that is currently serving a burger so sordidly wonderful that it has nine whole patties and a mouth-watering 5,100 calories. Jake's Wayback Burgers have come up with the Triple Triple Burger and it requires a furiously brilliant amount of animals to die for it. As well as lettuce, tomato and nine slices of cheese.

And how much is this marvellous article? $12.99 (around £9), which is just brilliant. The burger was originally part of an eating contest, but it was added as a regular item on the menu.

"It's crazy," said a Jake's Wayback Burgers spokesman. "We had one guy eat it in less than two minutes."

God bless America. Apart from the guns thing.

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  • Darren
    should not count as a burger if you can not fit bun 2 bun in your mouth. you would end up eating part of it as just meat! and is this really news?
  • Captain W.
    They should call it The Ark, and have an animal per layer - horse, goat, dog, etc. Will taste much the same as any other burger, except the layers will be kept separate rather than all mixed in together in one huge mechanically recovered glob
  • Derek
    I had a 5 patty burger at downtown Disney.
  • tcs
    Reminds me of that mega bread sandwich I bought that once. It was 2 slices of bread (the end bits), with another 20 slices of bread in between. Got a photo of that too, if you'd like to run a story on it?
  • brandon h.
    okay price but anyone who watches man vs food would challenge this with god know how many other food piles, or snacks as they're known in america

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