More supermarkets opening longer this Christmas - what would Jesus do?

6 November 2009

Bitterwallet - TescoThere would be uproar if you had to work on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day every year, so it's incredibly fortunate that both days just happen to fall on two consecutive bank holidays. I mean, what are the odds, eh? That said, the closure of supermarkets on Boxing Day last year caused 137 individuals to starve to death, in particular those who couldn't plan their lives more than two days in advance.

In a desperate bid to end these senseless deaths, both Tesco and Sainsbury's will be opening double the number of stores on Boxing Day, as they did in 2008. Tesco will open over 250 of its largest sites, while Sainsbury's is opening nearly 100 stores. The move represents a huge swing in policy in just two years; Tesco opened just 10 supermarkets in 2007.

The supermarkets claim they are simply responding to consumer demand, which is also the reason that openings hours on Christmas Eve are expected to be pushed back as late as 10pm. A spokesperson for Tesco said:

"When we opened for the first time properly on Boxing Day last year we thought it was for just a some people wanting to pick up televisions in the sale. And we were shocked at the queues of people doing their food shopping. People really wanted to come in and do a full grocery shop – milk, vegetables, bread and meat – and restock their fridges. Honestly, some folk are utter fucktards."

Perhaps he didn't say that last bit. Not all supermarkets are as willing to bow to feeble minded idiots who somehow manage to go a week without a big shop at all other times of the year. An Asda spokesman said: "Our stores are open 362 days of the year, with many of them open 24 hours a day. Easter, Christmas and Boxing Day is the one chance for our colleagues to put their feet up. We don't think it is fair to ask them to work."

Churches are also up in arms about the decision, because it's not what Jesus would want - but then he was nailed to a cross and couldn't go shopping anyway, so his opinion wouldn't count for that much, surely?

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  • matt
    i work for the above in a small store, people actually queue boxing day morning for full trolley shops and they are still doing it xmas eve at 9pm, they are the real tossers, some people need to get a life
  • dave
    allows them to put out the easter eggs a day early i guess. this is really shocking, the demand is from people who hate christmas or are set in a routine or cannot organise their lives. i don't blame tescos, sainsburys. i blame the government, they set the ground rules down such as sunday trading hours. i love it in foriegn countries like germany and austria where everything is closed on sundays, another step of americanisation.
  • The B.
    Jesus can fuck off, he stole Yule from the Germans.
  • diGriz
    Disgusting, for a holiday so geared up to spending money you'd think they'd give their staff the time to enjoy it. So glad I dont work in retail, 2 weeks off at christmas for me, makes it feel like it did when you were a kid, something a bit special, not just a day off from slogging your guts out.
  • DJNG22
    the government shoudl fuckin do something and stop this nonsense. Are people that fucking boring and their lives that fuckin dull that they have to walk round tesco on Boxing day in the hope they will get a bag of sprouts for 10p less cos there mouldy as fuck. Christmas has been reduced to a 1 day holiday due to these money grabbing bastards,
  • CompactDstrxion
    Perhaps some people don't care about Christmas etc? Not saying I'm one of them, but different strokes for different folks and all that.
  • diGriz
    @Tom, I'm not a christian. The holiday doesn't have to be about that for everyone. It has much more pagan roots if you want to get into it form a religeon point of view. It's more about being human, taking some time with your family, celebrate not working every day with a load of food and gifts for those you care about. But you are obviously a moron, trolling the internet for arguments. Probably the sort of twat none of us will miss when you are one of the statistically mentioned christmas suicides all on your own, longing to be with your workmates who all need a holiday from working with cnuts like you. Muppet.
  • DJNG22
    Tom, if your not a Christian you can work it fuckwit and let the rest of us enjoy a few days off. Like I said if your life is that fuckin dull that you have to be shopping on a national holiday (boxing day I was talking about that has fuckall to do with Cristianity!!) Its not always about religion, Its now called the 'Holidays' so as not to offend non Christians (who still get time off) and is a time for family
  • dave
    religion starts war, evidently
  • grex9101
    Tom, if people don't like not being able to shop on boxing day then they can go and live in a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas. Just sayin'.
  • Gunn
    I've worked in supermarkets on Christmas eve and its like hell on earth, then it happens again on Boxing day. Did people just have a big food fight on Christmas day?
  • Pedant
    Its all those cocks who think that once they've opened something it has to be eaten in 24 hours or thrown out. Bah Humbug.
  • RobC
    Perhaps they should send out leaflets to all houses explaining what fridges actually do . Still it is a good thing to scare the bejeesus out of your kids with "study/work hard at school or you`ll end up be working as Tescos Bitch on Xmas eve when you want to be out on razz with your mates" .
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
    What would Jesus do? Bugger all. He'd still be drinking and listening to "Happy Birthday" by Altered Images. What would I do? The fucking same.
  • Ummm
    Jesus was actually nailed over easter, not christmas. He rose 3 days later so come christmas he would have been well up for it.
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
    @Ummm And that relates to what how?
  • Amanda H.
    Jesus wasn't on a cross at christmas time, thats easter your thinking of surely? He was a baby at "xmas" and had enough gold, frankincense and murrrrrrrrrrr to tide him over for a few days. No doubt they didnt have any Tescos back then, else the retarded wise men would have feckin given him nappies, wipes and SMA.
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
    @Ummm Ah - I read things properly and see. Apologies. I hadn't read that far into the article previously, because it fucking bored me. Anyway, Jesus was "apparently" born in July, or April. It depends who you listen to.
  • RobC
    I think Jesus would be more inclined to give you an deed poll form to fill in for XMas .
  • General A.
    Working on a bank holiday? Sir Cohen would've been proud.
  • FactsRus
    Jesus wasn't nailed to a cross at Christmas, that was Easter. Christian's celebrate his birth at Christmas. Hard to know then what Jesus would do as Joseph and Mary were effectively refugees. Maybe the Tesco nappies on BOGOF would help? When he was older Jesus did say - "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?" Gospel of Luke, chapter 9, verse 25.
  • naty
    There were roomers that our store was going to open boxing day this year, we had conformation last month, so im in till 9pm xmas eve and back in 10am boxing day what a Christmas present
  • rich
    I think since large shops have been banned from opening up on Xmas day they've decided to screw over all the people who have no choice but to earn a living in the HELL that is retail! I used to work in retail for 4 years and all Xmas's were the same, twat buying shit they don't need and fucking Nazi managers trying the squeeze every last drop out of the Christmas spirit work people (that's people who actual do work in the shop not the white collar fags who act like the rule the world just because they run one small section of a marks and spencers) build up to get through this 'once was nice but now shite entirely because of retail' holiday. I now work in insurance and although it has many bad points Christmas means 2 weeks off (and that's only because people are spending their money in shops and not with them or they'd be open Xmas too!)
  • pikey w.
    Sad bastards. GET A LIFE. Have quality time with your family instead of encouraging these capitalist pigs.
  • dunfyboy
    Christmas and boxing day fall on the weekend this year so the public holidays will be friday and monday. At my work, if you work christmas or boxing day it'll just be treated as a normal weekend. Work friday and monday and we'll get 2 days off in lieu. Clever, eh?
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
  • mister o.
    its the dickheads who cant resist going to spend all their money instaed of having a rest at home who are really to blame. who wouldnt open when there is a crowd itching to be parted from their cash? everything after boxing day is shit anyway....shit telly, shitty leftover turkey, shitty new year. pfft! i am working christmas eve, got boxing day off though...better than last year when i had to have 4 bloody months off due to being laid off at christmas!
  • grex9101
    Is it not bad enough for retail workers that they have to endure 8 weeks of constant "now that's what I call Xmas" over and over and over again without having to endure it even longer?
  • mark
    wow a lot of passionate responses i go to church and find some of these responses quite offensive, so would it be ok if you go easy and consider peoples feelings please?
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
    @mark Fuck off to church then, you selfish arse banger. I hate church and have VERY strong feelings about it. Have you ever stopped to consider me? Let me guess. NO. If you love church so much, why don't you marry it?
  • Benzini
    CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest "I hadn’t read that far into the article previously, because it fucking bored me. " So you thought you'd just jump in and write your ill-informed, obnoxious and not to mention, offensive comments after reading a few words of the main article? You seem not to care for anyone else's opinions other than your own and would rather rant on assuming the whole world wants to hear your invaluable wisdom. Judging by your numerous posts you have obvious anger issues and emotional problems. It's people like you that are making this once great country what it is today.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I love Christmas, especially Christmas day when i get to sneak down stairs and open all my presents. Then i listen to Her Majesty's speech at 3pm. Just to burn off the christmas food, i go to the park (after HM's speech) and play football with my mother and step father. My mother calls me Brian Beckham, because i'm such a good dribbler.
  • J
    Thoroughly enjoying all the replys ripping into people who work in retail etc. How typical :)
  • chef
    stof moaning you bunch of twats. peoplE work all over christmas every year. Its nothing, christmas is shite anyway Im a chef and work from the 21st dec to the 3 of jan without a day off, why is it such a big deal that supermarkets are opening? alot of people dont even celebrate christmas, why should they be penalised for a bunch of twats that want to recieve gifts and worship a carpenter who made up stories.
  • David
    I find it hard to believe that the public cannot plan ahead for a few days so they do not have to shop. It's really selfish as it means thousands of people who work in retail now have to go in to work instead of spending time with their familes. I think no shops should be open on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, by law. Not because of any crazy religious reasons but because it is a time when we should be fighting with family members we only see once a year.
  • CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest
    @Benzini "It’s people like you that are making this once great country what it is today" Thank you my friend!!!
  • andy y.
    Santa died on the cross for you selfish pigs.
  • Amanda H.
    Santa was gassed at auchwitz. Your thinking of Graham Chapman surely?
  • Chris
    I would like to see Sunday trading laws removed. Then the supermakets can save a fortune on door locks as they can allways be open.
  • mark
    @CockFagFaceMonkeyEatsItOffYourChest "Fuck off to church then, you selfish arse banger. I hate church and have VERY strong feelings about it. Have you ever stopped to consider me? Let me guess. NO." Sorry if what i said offended you, it wasn't my intention, or to come across as selfish i'm also sorry that you hate church, it sounds like you've had a pretty bad experience hence your feelings towards it you are correct, i've never stopped to consider you, so i will be praying for you.
  • Nobby
    @David - It’s really selfish as it means thousands of people who work in retail now have to go in to work instead of spending time with their familes. It is not down to the people that want to shop. It is down to the companies that want to open.
  • Jeff
    @Nobby "It is not down to the people that want to shop. It is down to the companies that want to open." Surely demand drives supply? If people didn't want to shop, then companies would not want to stay open? It is down to people. People are inherantly evil... Personally, I couldn't care less about a supermarket's opening policies. I have more pressing issues to worry about...
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