More 'destitute families' appealing for food aid

3 October 2011

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New figures have shown that there has been a sharp rise in the number of people asking for food handouts as rising prices and falling incomes start to bite those of us who are on the breadline.

Fareshare, the charity that redirects food trade surpluses to those in need have said that they are handing out grub to 35,000 people per day, up from 29,000 last year. Additionally, Fareshare say that one in three charities that it supplies are facing impending funding cuts.

They pass on food that has been donated to organisations like homeless hostels, women’s refuges, day centres and after-school clubs, but say that they are receiving more requests for help from ‘destitute families’.

Fareshare chief executive Lindsay Boswell has said: “We're asking anyone who works in the food industry in any capacity to look at what is happening to their surplus food and to ask themselves a simple question: 'Could this food stop someone going hungry?”

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  • Rob
    It is lunchtime and I am hungry. Can you send me one of those chicken burgers with cheese and bacon please. They look lovely. Oh, and a ketchup. Thanks
  • andy y.
    and the Chief executive is paid?
  • Janette A.
    All proper skinters smoking 20 javelins a day who have got the Sky (TV) as well no doubt......
  • Nick T.
    Strangely the "poorest" areas round here are where the fattest people live.
  • Yue
    Wow, the armchairs blackshirts out in force on the internet. The person I know who would be affected like this got pregnant because of a defective pill (as did a similar generation in that area) dumped by the dad who decided he couldn't be bothered and avoided child support like the plague and is desperate to work or go into education which she had to give up in the first place. Last I saw of her she was really struggling and I can imagine would have to resort to charity to feed her little girl. She doesn't smoke or do drugs, go out drinking or have a social life. What is depressing is that we in this country are making people rely on charity to survive yet people post her as if they are jealous. Fucking ignorance.
  • klingelton
    Yes there are some genuinely needy. As there are some who take the proverbial.
  • Laura
    There is allot of waste from food factory's, chain stores and caffs. We all know prices are on the up and wages remain the same if not lower. If you are in the food business or know someone who is it would be worth asking if you/they are on board with this charity. Even if you cant help this cause, your local homeless shelter would be grateful for help.
  • Martin
    Probably also partially because so many more people know about these organisations because of media stories like this that never would have done before. And I'm betting there's no real checks on people asking for handouts is there. Of course there are people that really need it, but how many people are in circumstances that really don't mean they need it?

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