McDonalds to continue expanding

24 January 2014

mcdonalds_logo McDonalds gets a bad rep, but things have turned around in the company's reputation in the last couple of years - their coffee isn't terrible, Big Macs have less fat in them than most pre-packed sandwiches, and you can make a Filet o'Fish last a couple of hours while you use their wifi.

But McDonalds' grip on the world's munchies appetite is slipping. Admittedly with 34,000 branches of the chain, an overall sales fall of 0.1% isn't that big a deal, and sales have actually increased by 1% across Europe in Q4.

The company, in a 'no shit' kinda way, have claimed that 2013 was a “challenging year", but still plan to open up to 1600 new outlets across the planet. Globally they still face big competition from Burger King and Wendy's, but over here in the UK it looks like they are fast being outnumbered two-to-one by Tesco Express.

Maybe they should go back to being outrageously unhealthy and not giving a shit because that's precisely the reason you go? Sod being healthy.

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  • zeddy
    Maybe you should go occasionally and not give a shit about what all those tofu burger eating cuntflaps tell you is wrong with Big Macs. Fuck, maybe even they could live a little and try one now and again. I don't go to McDonald's or BK for salad and carrot sticks and a glass of water.
  • Phil
    McDonald's are pretty good. But I think there's a gap in the market for an 'In-n-Out' style burger chain. A menu with just a hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, soda and milkshake. That's it. No fucking about with coffee, salad, muffins, apple pies, ice cream or any of the other pandering bullshit. You can make the food faster and it's fresher because if someone comes in you know they probably want a burger, fries and a drink. With contact-less payment systems service could be insanely fast.
  • Kevin
    You need to go to Five Guys in London Phil.
  • Phil
    @Kevin - I hadn't heard of them. A look at their website was interesting. Still too many options. Sandwiches, hot dogs etc. And it's expensive, £8.00 for a cheeseburger, £2.50 to add a drink. (in Reading)
  • Cheesey
    I'd go to McD's more often if they introduced proper rail queuing instead of the mad free for all. OK it slows the whole queue down overall but it makes it fairer. I generally avoid McD's when it's busy because 1) I always get stuck behind the guy feeding his family of 16 all with custom meals 2) I always get the numpty worker who's been on the lash the night before
  • Les D.
    Don't eat the Mc.Chicken Burgers!!! they are fowl!!!!

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