McDonald's - bring the all-day breakfast to the UK

23 July 2015

mcdonalds_logo Grease-vendors, McDonald's, might be rolling out all-day breakfasts this year, over in That America. They've been playing with the idea and testing it out in a couple of their chains, but now, it looks like it could go statewide in October.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they've seen memos which has been sent to all their American staff, and warned them to be ready.

Of course, with McDonald’s not doing nearly as well as they used to, it seems that they've finally started cottoning on to the fact that people want certain things from them (such as all-day breakfasts and McRibs all the time) and they should probably give it to them.

Basic commerce really.

Earnings have been down across the world for six successive quarters, and they ended up sacking their CEO, Don Thompson as a result. We hope they threw his body into the machine that makes nuggets.

So with that, we'd like to see this rolled-out to the UK please. We think it is ridiculous that you can get a Fillet O' Fish any time of day, when no-one wants them, but you can't buy a Sausage and Egg McMuffin after some arbitrary time of day. We like the sausage patties because they do what a McDonald's foodstuff should do - trickle grease down your top and give you two day's worth of salt intake, per mouthful.

Maccies! Make it happen! Don't make us set up an internet petition!

Can egg McMuffins and orange juice buoy the food giant back to growth? It had better, since other efforts have not done the trick: McDonald’s franchisees, in a recent survey, said the turnaround isn’t working, leading one analyst to give the company the worst six-month outlook he had seen in 21 years. Thus, new CEO Steve Easterbrook is placing high hopes on the power of breakfast—for lunch and dinner.

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  • Albi
    Great. When you're hungover, 12pm is the crack of dawn but you can't get a McMuffin
  • Antony
    This will not happen in the UK, at least for a long time. McDs is struggling a little in USA but is doing fine here as well as France & Russia. Plus most of the UK stores aren't equipped for Just In Time yet and would be at least a few years away.

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