Mancunian foodies hoodwinked by Dr Oetker

9 August 2013

pizza-ristorante Foodies, as we all know, are worse than people convicted of sex offences. With that, it is wonderful to see someone pulling a fast one over them.

The opening of the La Pizzeria Ristorante pop-up kicked off, claiming to take everyone back to the fashionable Northern Quarter's 'Little Italy', however, it was all a PR stunt. Foodie arses, scallop bothering journos and wholly pointless meal bloggers were invited along to get a slice of pizza.

After sighing wistfully and nodding away in a bid to appear knowledgeable, it turned out they were munching Dr Oetker's frozen pizzas.

Their handout read: “We hope you have enjoyed your visit to La Pizzeria Ristorante. All the pizzas you have eaten today are available in the freezer department of your local supermarket.”

According to MM, Peter Burling from Brazen PR (the people responsible for the stunt) said: "We certainly didn't lie, we just didn't say it! And the branding is all over the place when you walk in, so it's not hard to spot. It's testament to how good the pizzas are that some people didn't actually notice! No one left saying they didn't have a good time, so that's the main thing really."

Over on Twitter, amongst the hoots of derision aimed at foodies, some griped. @GoodGobbleBlog wept: "I wouldn't call it a success, essentially a lot of people are laughing at them now."

Thom Hetherington of Northern Restaurant and said: "It appears Dr Oetker humiliated a whole swathe of N4 foodie hipsters last night. All those prostate exams, and he's not even a real Doctor!"

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  • Chewbie
    Mof were you one of the Northern Quarter Hipsters taken in by this?
  • sprout
    I fucking love this story. I actually follow a couple of manc food blogs (just so I know what's opening/where, honest) who mentioned this today and perhaps they'll now think again agreeing to turn up to the opening of the next packet of Walkers.
  • manclad
    Yup, i'm with sprout on this one. In the Manchester restaurant trade, so *must* follow all the Manchester Bloggers as a necessary evil. Shit my pants laughing at this last night. They were LIVID. Crying their eyes out, 'ewww my followers all know Ive eaten shitty frozen pizza' blah blah blah.
  • Alexis
    Dr Oetker pizzas have bases like rock hard biscuit. I've never come across a restaurant pizza that tastes anything like them.
  • Daisy D.
    These Dr Oetker efforts are too thin, hard, and don't have enough topping. FWIW, Aldi stonebaked pizzas are pretty good.
  • Dick
    I hope they enjoyed their bottled glacial water (from the tap) too.
  • J
    I think Dr Oetker pizza's taste bland and have the base of cardboard. Apparently they are the best selling frozen pizza in Italy. Shows what they know about pizza.
  • Johnnie W.
    Dr Oetker's claim to be the "Best selling frozen pizza in Italy" means nothing. If you filter out chilled pizza, not to mention cheap, easily-available street food and pizzas made at home, then the market for frozen pizza could be tiny. Even if a company has 100% of a tiny market, it's like saying Famous Grouse is the biggest selling whisky in Afghanistan. Meh.
  • Dick
    ^ They only need to have 34% of the sales of the tiny market if there are three companies and the other two have 33%. You are right though, I lived in Italy for two years and I don't think I ever had a frozen pizza when I was there. What's the point, pizzarias are everywhere.
  • Good G.
    Professional weeper Good Gobble here, sorry to disappoint but nobody was fooled by this 'stunt' and everybody had a great time. All the best.

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