Just Eat: Proof that people don't want to cook

4 November 2014

Just Eat Online takeaway service Just Eat have reported a healthy growth! The takeaway pimps for the genuinely lazy, has seen orders up 51% in the third quarter.

This follows Just Eat's float on the London Stock Exchange earlier this year. Back in August, they announced a 35% increase in users and over 4400 new restaurants signed up into their takeaway harem.

Orders in general were up by 56% up until September, which is better than last year when we had that heatwave and nobody wanted any food at all. That, and what spare cash anybody had was used on pesky things like rent.

David Buttress, Just Eat CEO, is understandably very pleased about all this, saying: "I am very pleased with our performance over the summer, a period when even more consumers have enjoyed the benefits of our online marketplace for takeaway food, particularly via their mobile devices,"

"At a strategic level, our commitment to developing market leadership in all of our territories was further reinforced by Just Eat acquiring control of Alloresto.fr in France, and creating a market-winning JV in Brazil with iFood. We are in an excellent position as we enter the important winter period and remain confident for the full year."

That's all super then. Let's just stop moving our limbs altogether and welcome our feeder overlords.

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  • Ray P.
    takeaway food orders are up as more people can't afford to go out. Therefore pubs on a Saturday night are quieter as people will get "comfort food" and beers in the house as a treat to drown out how skint they are.
  • I w.
    If that's true and people can't afford to go out, how are they able to afford the exact same food at home + a delivery fee?
  • FooFan73
    Not one of the local places on Just Eat for me charge a delivery so blows your little theory out of the water Secondly, even with Just Eat's 50p card fee it's still far cheaper to order take away than it is to go out for a meal
  • Carl
    I suppose when you factor in food costs and energy required to heat it may be cheaper...... not saying its any better for you.

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