'I'm just off to the supermarket to fill the bucket...'

16 September 2010

wine_tank Take a good look at this picture – could this be the future of EVERYTHING? According to the Dr. Vino wine blog, French supermarkets are installing these monster-sized machines, filled with 500 or 1,000-litres of beautiful, beautiful wine. Britain’s quite near to France – how long before the supermarket bosses sail a few thousand of them across the Channel so that we can all join in the fun?

The idea is simple – bring along your own empty wine bottle, empty vegetable oil, bucket or whatever your receptacle of choice is, and using the petrol pump-style nozzles, you fill it up with the cheaper-than-normal vino (about €1.45 per litre it says here). Once you're done, the machine prints out a receipt and you pay the lady or gentleman at the till. Assuming you haven't adopted a horizontal position and are just slurping away on the nozzle as the booze pours out of the sides of your gob.

The machines have taken up residence in eight French supermarkets and are believed be heading to the United States of A in the not-too-distant. Surely they can bring it here too? And put the machines on every street corner? Please?

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  • michael t.
    you can buy milk in germany this way too!
  • MrFerret
    That will never work here! Requires a smidgen of common sense really, here there would be teenagers filling up coke bottles faster than you can respond, and legging it out of there... Like in german supermarkets you can take in a bag, and fill it up, and tip out the resulting purchases at the end... In some UK lidls they have had signs made, just in case some germans shop there that doing that is not allowed! In other words, brits.. We're not allowed nice things!
  • Jim
    MrFerret - Why would they steal wine that way but not take a bottle/box off the shelf? Surely it's easier to get caught if you have to stand there waiting for the bottle to fill anyway? And I have no idea what benefit there is of putting your shopping in a bag in the supermarket then emptying it at the till and then putting it back in. Surely a basket is much easier?
  • eddiex
    According to a guy up the pub if you shove the nozzle up your arse you get drunk a lot quicker.
  • Col
    It would be nice if we got it at that price but considering that the price of a bottle of wine in the UK includes about £2 in tax and duty, I don't think it;s going to happen.
  • Paul C.
    I can see an application for this on a smaller scale in perhaps boutique and specialist wine and delicatessens. Large supermarkets? When it comes to the consumption of alcohol I'm very sad to say that some twunts have ruined for he rest of us. I can also forsee issues with hygiene of the nozzle if the previous posts are anything to go by... MrFerret can you elaborate on this custom that Germans perform with a bag?
  • david
    It's obvious that some idiots are going to drink it straight from the nozzle, and think it is try before you buy. We have a bizarre relationship with alcohol in this country.
  • notme
    I have heard that some petrol machines in the Uk will be converted to this use in the UK and whilst you are filling up with petrol you can also fill up with wine into a bath tub on the back of your van and then lie in it if you like..... Hang on...i have just heard that is not going to happen but that if that was to happen it would cost over £1000 per litre.
  • smashingnicey
    Walmart girl got there first
  • Graeme
    I did some work for a client who runs a wine importing company. not only do they import bottles wine they do wine on tap. you basically hire a bottle and fill it with the choice of wine (usually 5 or 6 varieties). it's works out a good price but also the wine doesn't have the artificial preservatives in it so you get less of a hangover or great tasting wine :)
  • smashingnicey
    I recommend filling up with all 6 varieties and a bag of sugar in one big bucket... call it buckfast and you have a winner.

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