Iceland - the king of brilliant knockoffs!

You have to applaud people for their shameless attempts to ride the coattails of those more successful. There's some hilarious knockoff Manchester United kits doing the rounds and of course, all good B&M Bargain shops have things that Look A Bit Like Mars Bars and the like.

However, Iceland have gone one further than everyone else, with a range of snack which are enough to make a lawyer's bumhole twitch.



Behold, the majesty of a packet of Wotsi... hang on, Wot'sthis? And there's more.


However, these aren't bags of crisps; these are things you cook in the oven! There's a range of official tie-ins and one sly dupe.  And, if you're wondering what is inside, the wonderful Grocery Gems reviewed them all.

Have a look here -



  • Dick
    For those that get confused - these are located in the freezer. The crisps are not kept in the freezer. For those that get really confused - the freezer is the cold thing.
  • zeddy
    They also make a Hula Hoop variety too.
  • KP K.
    Frozen wotsits existed and failed years ago. They also sell frozen Greggs products. Pretty sure these aren't knock off's and will be produced under license with the trademark owner getting a couple of quid in return.
  • B1zarroPrim3
    The frozen Greggs sausage rolls are nice. I'm quite interested in the frozen McCoys, not so much the Wotsits.

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