HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 2nd February

2 February 2010

hukd_logob1 Right, what have we got for you today in our velvet bag of bargains? Enough cheap milk to fill a lake, some state-of-the-art telly upgradage and a massive one-off saving on your online supermarket shopping. The only thing we’re lacking is a free onion. Perhaps tomorrow.

Don’t thank us, thank HotUKDeals.

599395As the song goes, “Milk glorious milk! Ripe cow wee plus hot silk!” And it’s glorious milk that is the first ingredient in today’s bargain broth. On the one hand we’ve got two litres of Cravendale (whole and semi-skimmed) for only £1.00. Mooo!

Then, if that doesn’t impress you, there’s also four pints of your regular non-Cravendalised milk in its whole and semi-skimmed forms for only… £1.00! Moooooo! It’s the stuff of nightmares – which will you mooooose? (choose)

599776Next up today, a range of choices for you to ponder if you’re a Sky telly viewer and have been mulling over whether or not to upgrade to the super-sexy HD way of doing things. Especially as 3D TV should be coming along for HD viewers later in the year.

It seems that Sky are no longer making Sky+ digiboxes and if you need a new box, it’ll be a gleaming HD one. Avid HUKD member craig_1986 has been rounding up the various options and prices, which start as low as… COMPLETELY FREE! HD-remendous!

onion-main_FullFinally, a little trick that will help you get £50 worth of online supermarket shopping for only £30 – and because it’s online shopping, you can happily do it in your pyjamas without being branded as some kind of anti-social troglodyte. Which is always nice.

You’ll need to go via a cashback site and enter a magic code in order to get your discount, but £20 off a £50 shop is a gargantuan boon, even without a free onion - and here at Bitterwallet, we’re always on the lookout for gargantuan boons. Oh, and free onions.

(deals found by HUKD members Jas99, parisp, craig_1986 and kingy58)

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  • Larry L.
    > It’s the stuff of nightmares – which will you mooooose? (choose) Thanks for that clarification, I had no idea what it meant!

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