HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 2nd March

2 March 2009

Here at Bitterwallet, we’ve had our ear to the floor, our fingers on the pulse and our arses stuck straight up in the air over the last few hours, all with one thing in mind – finding the coolest deals for you dudes at the beginning of a new week.

Having duly tracked them down, we now present them to you, like a well-meaning cat offering up a bleeding, half dead shrew to its master. The name of the cat?  HotUKDeals. You can stroke him, he won’t bite. Don't touch the shrew though. Urgh.

They reckon it’s now more popular than picking your nose on public transport and wiping the bogey on the underside of the seat. They reckon the sales of it in 2009 will dwarf even those of the new Explode-In-Your-Mouth Revels.

Of course it’s Little Big Planet for the PS3. We reckon if you follow this link, you can get it for just 1299 of your hard-earned pennies. Oh yes.

If you’re teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown and are planning to drive to Dundee in your bare feet his weekend, here’s one way you can do it in style. By test-driving a new Renault Megane through Avis car rental.

That’s right – it’s yours for the whole weekend. But you’ll have to bring it back by Monday morning. Alternatively, you could just stay local and impress some girls by pulling some skids in an empty supermarket car park instead.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of coffee but you don’t like cake, this deal isn’t for you. Likewise, if you love cake but can’t stand coffee, it’s also advisable that you move away slowly from this particular piece of internet.

But if both coffee AND cake tick your personal boxes, get yourself along to Marks And Spencer to get both for just £2 after 2pm. Oh, we forgot to add, if you’re terrified of leaving your house, this deal is also not for you. Sorry if we got you excited.

(deals found by niminator, sbfc and wolvesinwales)


  • -=Mike H.
    Andy, I am a big fan of both Coffee and cake, however I also do not posess the ability to leave my house due to a freak accident with my self build house (to put it short, I forgot to include any doors) I also ditest Marks and Sparks with a passion, having to navigate through the isles filled with coffin dodgers and muff munchers brings me to my knees. Please advise.
  • Andy D.
    Two words Mike - eat self.
  • Mike H.
    Hi Mike wow we have the same name, and I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I am actually disabled and cannot leave my house. Well disabled/obese same thing I too would like some advise on the coffee/cake issue also wallahi

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