HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 27th April

27 April 2009

As the old song goes, “Food glorious food, makes you big and chunky; toast, chips and shallots, fried brains of a monkey…”

With that tune ringing through our idiotic minds, here’s the best food-flavoured bargains that are fresh out of the HotUKDeals oven. (Insert your own HotUKDeals/hot food metaphor here – we really couldn’t be arsed.)

Right, so why would anyone want to buy packets of affordable, tasty pasta in a wide variety of styles when they could fork out for a pasta machine that will prove to be unwieldy and troublesome?

If your eyes pricked up when you read that last paragraph, you’ll probably be intoxicated by the idea of 9-piece pasta factory gift set that includes just that kind of pasta machine. All for a crazy £38.61.

Come with us now on a journey to Germany, where the Muller family sit on their solid gold thrones, built on the proceeds from their pudding empire. Yoghurts, rice and er, we think that’s all actually have made them some of the most powerful pudding magnates on Earth.

Occasionally, they like to give something back – start the effing car people because that time is now. Get along to HotUKDeals to find out where you can get Muller Lights and Muller Rice pots for the stomach-churning price of just 20p a go. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmulllertime!!!

One of the perks of being a member of the Muller family is that they get to sit in a huge medieval banqueting hall in their castle (surrounded by a moat of yoghurt in case you were wondering), gnawing on hot, spit-roasted animal limbs every day, three times a day.

Now you can afford to live that lifestyle too, as a certain supermarket are reducing the price of their large ready-cooked chickens from Wednesday. They’ll be hacked down from £4.19 to just £2 and if that’s not good enough for you then you deserve to live like the anarcho-hippies who are in charge of the Munch Bunch.

(deals found by amibees, trevtrac and KillerChocobo)

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  • Mike H.
    Can I plug the pasta making set into my XBOX 360 and play 'Chef', world tour?
  • P E.
    yes mike
  • Mike H.
    Cool, I'm off to get my 'mates' Gordon Ramsey, Gary Rhodes and that Mockney dribbling twat, Jamie Oliver to join in. They're not my mates, BTW, I just want to pass them through the thinnest setting of my pasta making machine.

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