Have you been tempted into buying food with a carefully placed steaming tampon?

11 June 2014

Normally, we hate it when retailers mislead consumers- after all, you should always know exactly what you’re getting before you part with your cash. But as these adverts show, if they really showed you what you were buying, would anyone ever buy fast food in the first place? More to the point, if they showed you what was actually in the burgers, would anyone ever eat them?

ad v reality cropped

But while we are all used to seeing photoshopped and manipulated images of fashion models, clothing ranges and celebrities, why would we assume that images of food have not been similarly tampered with. Why can we never find an apple as shiny as in the adverts? Because we don’t eat apples that have been hairsprayed.

Yes, it may surprise you to discover that advertisers use all sorts of tricks to make you want to buy food, that in reality you’d never actually eat. Pancakes covered in Castrol GTX anyone? Baked potato filled with a steaming hot tampon (no, we’re not going there)? Cereal and milk is far less photogenic than cereal and glue, apparently.

images from ibtimes
images from ibtimes

So next time you look at a juicy burger, and it makes your mouth water, imagine the taste of the brown shoe polish used to make that burger look that bit more burger and the urge might just pass…

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  • Alexis
    To be fair, most kebab shops don't employ these tricks and it shows. Their food photography is appalling, but then most people are too pissed to notice so to doesn't matter.

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