Has your Burger King lettuce had feet all over it?

20 July 2012

Next time you order something from Burger King, you may want to hold on the lettuce after a picture emerged online of some goon, claiming to have stood all over it in their shoes which have probably had dog 'business' on them.

Over in That America, a Mayfield Heights Burger King employee posted a picture of a pair of human legs, stood in a load of lettuce on 4Chan.

bk lettuce

"We don't believe it is true," said the Mayfield Heights Burger King manager. However, if that's the case, it doesn't explain why three employees at the branch have been fired over the incident. Burger King corporation are also looking into the allegation.

"We are aware of the photo that was allegedly posted by an employee at a Burger King restaurant in Ohio and are taking the issue very seriously. Food safety is a top priority for Burger King restaurants and the company has strict policies regarding its food handling procedures. We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action as necessary," Bryson W. Thornton, Global Communications Director, said.

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  • Jolyon B.
    At least you can see a footprint on your lettuce should you look inside your burger bun I would be more worried what's gone in my milkshake!
  • Sicknote
    With brains, bollocks and cow shit in the burgers your fretting over some douche bag stepping on the lettuce....? If you eat this shit then fill your boots fatty.
  • Jolyon B.
    Maybe the poor individual in the photo was vertically challenged and was required to stand in the lettuce to enable him / her to see over the counter to serve the customers?
  • zeddy
    He was "having it his way".

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