Grocery market growth not really happening

25 September 2014

trollies The grocery market is at a record low.

According to the latest Kantar Worldpanel figures, the market growth slowed to a low of just 0.3% in the three months leading up to 14 September.

Aldi and Lidl were alright though, Aldi increased sales by 29.1%, compared with last year and Lidl increased sales by 17.7%. At the other end of the grocery chain, Waitrose grew its sales by 4.5% bringing its market share back up to 5.1%.

Asda was the only ‘big four’ supermarket to increase its market share by 0.8% to 17.4%

Meanwhile, nobody wants to kick a supermarket while it’s down, but Tesco’s market share slid 4.5% to 28.8%, and Sainsbury’s dipped by 1.8%, down to 16.2%.

Grocery inflation has seen its twelfth successive fall and now stands at 0.0% for the period.

Fraser McKevitt, head of retail and consumer insight at Kantar Worldpanel is on hand with a quote about this, and has said: “For the first time ever we’ve seen the average basket of everyday goods bought today costing exactly the same as it did a year ago.”

Thanks for that Fraser.

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  • Alex
    Genuinely don't get this mantra of eternal growth that seems to govern big business.
  • jim
    thats the capatalist world we live in. profit over everything - environement, people anything. as long as some fat cat makes his percentage

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