Give her what she really wants this Valentines… part two

Everyone loves a bit of sausage on Valentine's Day, so how about a salami bouquet? From $50, you can despatch some meat to your loved one via Olympic Provisions.


Offered in 3, 6, and 13 stem bouquets:

  • The 3 stem includes 1 Italian salami, 1 French salami, and 1 Spanish salami
  • The 6 stem includes 2 Italian salami, 2 French salami, 1 Spanish salami, and 1 Greek salami
  • The 13 stem includes one of each of the 12 salami and 1 chocolate salami.

What an amazing world we live in.


  • barry f.
  • Grammar N.
    Maybe she wants a new Feral Trolley of the Week instead?

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