Gigantic Jaffa Cake to hit the shelves

jaffa_cake_box Jaffa Cakes are all well and good, but they're not big enough. You can scarf a packet in two seconds and they'll barely touch the sides.

Good thing some bright spark decided to make a giant Jaffa Cake, called 'The BIG One'. And you can buy them right now and chew your way to diabetes in half the time.


A McVitie's spokesman said: "We have been experimenting and tweaking the Big One recipe for a number of years now. We needed to ensure the sensation of eating the larger Jaffa Cake is similar to the smaller Jaffa Cake so all of our more hardcore fans will enjoy it as much as new Jaffa fans."

Get that, 'hardcore fans'?

"We think that we have now got the perfect balance of orange, sponge and chocolate and think that this cake will create the same debate as the smaller version about which is the best way to eat it."

Either way, it'll cost you £7. It'd probably be more fun to try and recreate supersized versions of snacks yourself, rather than waiting for corporations to flog 'em, just like those brilliant, toothless people on the PimpMySnack website.


  • ANON
    They have got the orangey bit wrong, it should be at the top! There are a number of superior home made recipes on the web.
  • Inspector G.
    So is this classed as a biscuit or cake - for tax reasons?
  • Russ
    McVities Jaffa Cakes are shit compared to the ones you get in Lidl anyway
  • Kok W.
    @Russ You poor deluded fucker.
  • Jo
    /me agrees with Russ.
  • Sawyer
    The sad thing is... Russ isn't wrong.
  • Jo
    Oh Bloody hell Russ, I have to go down to Lidl now...
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    Russ is indeed spot on. Plus I prefer the cherry ones they have anyway (do they still do them? Not been into one for years)
  • Zleet's M.
    happy shopper jaffa cakes are pretty good
  • sue
    nothing bets a good old jaffa cake but i wont be paying seven pound for one just think how many packets you can buy for that
  • Daisy D.
    @ Sue Seven.
  • Lola F.
    Looks quite a lot like one of my massive nipples.
  • Big M.
    So a packet barely touches the sides..... depends where u put a pack.
  • Big M.
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  • chewbacca
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  • Big M.
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  • badger
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  • Big M.
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  • Big M.
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  • Big M.
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  • chewbacca
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  • Marly M.
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  • Ted
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  • Wongaporkpies
    Jo Brand will love these
  • Gavo
    Halk Jaffa Cakes from B&M Bargains are the greatest tasting jaffa cakes. Unfortunately they're more like jaffa cake vitamins because they're too bloody small.
  • Ted
    @ Toryboy Everyone one of your posts confirms that you are obviously 'a true blue' and probably English aswell Keep it up Toryboy Enjoy your shift at the drive thru
  • Rt c.
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  • Meek
    Chewbacca you immature cunt. Grow up. On topic of course, I can't see this Jaffa Cake Cake taking off. People will buy it for the pure novelty of it but of course it will die. Besides, they taste like shit these days. The cheaper brands DO taste better for some reason.
  • chewbacca
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  • Statingthebleedingobvious
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  • Angry T.
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  • mind m.
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  • spoiler a.
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