Giant crumpets made our dreams come true

Of all the news stories ever shared by Bitterwallet, this has to be up there with our favourites.

Basically, we've been salivating since we heard that Warburtons have started doing crumpets that are giant. So big that they're the size of your face. Seeing as Warbies make the best crumpets in the world (we'll fight anyone who says different), this is amazing news.


These new crumpets are roughly double the size of a normal one - just think of all that surface area to apply butter to. Heart-failingly excellent, and no mistake.

Warburtons have taken some photos of their giganto crumpets and they're so big you can put a whole chicken boob on top of one of them. Of course, they'll be available at most supermarkets and it'll cost you 69p for a pack of two.

Outstanding work.

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